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Best self defense slug round

This is a discussion on Best self defense slug round within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I agree with the comments about the HD shotguns with pistol grips. I got a used Mossy 500 that had the pistol grips and I ...

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Thread: Best self defense slug round

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    I agree with the comments about the HD shotguns with pistol grips. I got a used Mossy 500 that had the pistol grips and I switched them out with the Hogue youth model stock. That makes a compact package, but still a traditional stock. I am in black bear country and have lots of land around the house so I keep the first few rounds Brenneke Rottweils and then 3-inch 00-buck.

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    IMHO the best slug for a shotty is anything that falls between 4 buck and 000 buck depending on your gage and chamber . Slugs are by no means worthless and will take the hinges off a door quick ( from experiance before breaching rounds were commonly available ) . However if you choose slugs you are better off choosing a rifle than a shot gun , the advantage of a shot gun for defense is to put multiple hits on a target faster than even a sub gun can . At 15 yards a cyllinder bore shotgun loaded with buckshot will put more holes in a fella than a trama team can plug in short order . the same shotgun loaded with #4 birdshot will put his eye out . Loaded with slugs it will put a big but likely survivable wound every time you hit him . Ill take the 9 or more .22 and up cal wounds every time i trigger it over the single from a slug any day . After so much trama the cns will shut down in self defense while it starts routing blood away from the limbs and into the core ( which hopefully i have perforated and is leaking bad ) . This isnt a controlled response it is the body doing what it has to to attempt to survive under massive injury . If you want /need to shoot beyond 25 yards or so in your defense plans then plan with a rifle because the best shotgun will be a poor substitute and at close range you can shoot them as easily with a rifle as you can a slug .
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    No slugs here, just 00buck in my coach gun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bal_g23 View Post
    pistol grip

    but im planning on getting a knoxx breachers grip for it
    ive heard it really reduces recoil alot
    I have a "BreachersGrip" on my Mossy 500A; it reduces
    felt recoil 50% as advertised. I shoot slugs from it regularly, lotta fun. (no shoulder stock.) Just hold tight to the foregrip.

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    To each his own.
    I use slugs for deer hunting.
    I use #4 buck for defensive purposes.
    Good dense shot swarm, heavy enough to do the job in a positive manner.
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    To put it in perspective. A good .357 mag load is the 130 grain hydra shock at 1410 fps. This load generates about 574 ftlbs of force and is a proven man stopper. A 3$ per box cheapo Remington 2 3/4 slug is 437.5 grains at 1550 fps generating more ftlbs of force that a Mack truck or a Chuck Norris round house kick (please don't be mad at me Chuck). I think it's like a million billion ftlbs :). The point I'm making is the same as Sixto, just find any round that works in you gun and it will make the bad guys go SPLAT!
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