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How long to keep carry ammo

This is a discussion on How long to keep carry ammo within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; You really shouldn't have to worry about when to change it. If you are paying 20-30 bucks a box it should last a really long ...

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Thread: How long to keep carry ammo

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    You really shouldn't have to worry about when to change it. If you are paying 20-30 bucks a box it should last a really long time. On the other hand you might want to shoot it during severe weather changes like freezing temps or hot and humid times. Just to see if the ballistics or point of aim point of impact changes. Especially if you are using ammunition that has non metallic components such as Glaser safety slugs or Corbon power ball..........Micah

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    I've had Corbon .40 +P's around for about 10 years on the shelf. Fired them up a few months ago. Not a single issue - and this was in my 1911.

    6 months? Seriously? You guys probably change your car oil every 1000 miles, too. ;-)

    But, if anyone's concerned, shoot 'em up. No harm in that either.

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    About a month ago, I shot some 357 rounds that I bought with the gun in 1992 that I had set aside and never shot. Don't ask me why because I don't have a reason. It was 16 years old and shot just fine.

    I think unless your ammo is experiencing a lot of temperature changes, it will last a long time.

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    A very long time ago one of my best buddies was cleaning out his dad's old trunk in the attic. He came across some 500 rds of ORIGINAL manufacture Super-Vel 45acp ammo. This is stuff from the early 1960s or maybe ever earlier! He gave the entire cache to me. Subsequently, I have shot up about 25% of this treasure trove and it fired thru my 1911 Government Model without a hitch. Folks, that's ammo from the original high performance GURU of ammunition and it was made about 45 years ago. No primer issues and no bullet seating discrepancies. I still have the remainder of that ammo and it sits in my own emergency stores, when it may be called forth to save lives and deter evil.
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    My only problem is the empting and rechambering of the same round. I usually pop that one off after I can see it is set back any amount. I've had no problems with chamber pressure, but it is only barely set back. They were those extreme shock Fang Face. I'm not sure they impress me that much.

    I also shoot on a regular basis where I need at least three mags so they get emptied and used quite a bit. I've heard it's the continual use of the spring that causes weakening not the mags setting around loaded.

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    I live in Vegas and burn mine every 60 days. I'm reasonably intelligent and aware that this is not by any means necessary, but I still sleep better for it and that is priceless!

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    I don't have any specific concerns what so ever, but do try to shoot up current SD ammo and get fresh within a year or so.

    Sometimes it may be within 4 or 5 months, other times maybe 18 months... Never had an issue in pushing 25 years or more.
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    I shoot them after about 6 months.
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    I've shot .45ACP HydraShoks that had been in magazines for 3-4 years, including a lot of time in the truck console, and they worked fine in my Commander. I have some 230gr ball ammo for range shooting that is easily 10 years old and still works.

    That said, generally I do try to run through at least one mag of my carry ammo every time I go shooting, and since I don't buy hundreds of rounds of it at at time, this rate lets me burn through it frequently enough to keep it relatively fresh.

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    My .357 SIG 125 GR. SXT Winchester Ranger (s) cost a lot. Then again, what value do I place on my life.

    I dislike SD ammo rotation questions a lot, as I do not have a good answer, and my life may depend on it. Considering my lifestyle, I believe my SD ammo should last for +5 years .

    However, I have yet to go longer than a year. I use 50 rounds for a year, rotating 15 rounds every week or so (using 30 out of 50 rounds in (2) mags / and 1 out of 50 in the barrel). I have three mags, I keep 2 loaded, I rotate 1 mag to rest every week or so.

    The only thing I am careful about is the one in the chamber. I am careful not to use the same round in the chamber for more then a week.

    I don't have a good answer.
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    About 4 to 6 months. Depending on the season. It gets pretty hot in vehicles, and I take that into consideration. Also like to keep my mags fresh too.
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