Would you sell ammo at a garage sale?

Would you sell ammo at a garage sale?

This is a discussion on Would you sell ammo at a garage sale? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have some extra HD ammo I want to sell. I am having a garage sale Saturday and was thinking of selling it there. On ...

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Thread: Would you sell ammo at a garage sale?

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    Would you sell ammo at a garage sale?

    I have some extra HD ammo I want to sell. I am having a garage sale Saturday and was thinking of selling it there. On one hand, I would like to sell it, have the extra money and buy a different type of ammo. On the other hand, selling ammo at a garage sale, with some unsavory types stopping by, kind of just screams "I have a gun in the house".


    PS In case anyone is interested, it is Gold Dot 9mm Luger 147gr GDHP for $18/box. I have 4 boxes.

    Why am I selling it? I saw a post for Federal HST ammo at about 1/2 that price. I bought 500 rounds. Of course, I saw that ad AFTER I bought the Gold Dots. And as you know, ammo is not returnable.
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    I would probably avoid selling it at a a garage sale for that very reason...it advertises gun/guns in your home to possible opportunists that stop by.

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    Check around at some of your local ranges. Our private range has special 'buy/sell/trade' days...you'd make out much better than at a garage sale.
    I hate garage sales...we've had three in 37 years...I wouldn't want to attract the attention of garage sale shoppers as to a place where guns might be had. OMO

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    Also, it may not be legal to do this in some locations, unless you're an FFL. You might want to double-check with local sheriff or state police.
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    I wouldn't, plus you will get more for it if you sell it to a target audience like on here or at a gun show.
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    Around here, everyone has a "gun in the house", so its no big deal.

    When we see ammo at a garage sale, if its in the original box and not obviously not reloaded, we just look at the price and see if its a good deal.

    I once got 7 boxes of 10MM ammo for a total of 10 bucks, boxes that had a price stamp of 22 dollars a piece on them. I later traded them and a bayonet for another Russian M-44 that I didnt need, but hey, the guy needed some 10MM and I collect milsurps, I had maybe a total of 30 bucks in that gun.

    Also, it may not be legal to do this in some locations, unless you're an FFL. You might want to double-check with local sheriff or state police.
    That is entirely dependent on your location. Only rabid antigun fanatics will waste time on such trivial matters. The rest of them arent going to spend any time on the guy selling a few boxes of ammo at a garage sale. If you live in a place where people pee all over themselves,herd up their children,close the blinds,lock the doors,huddle in the corner and dial 911 at the sight of a gun, then it's probably not a good idea to sell it there.
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    Sell on gunbroker.com or trade at your local gunstore , I traded some surplus 8mm I had in at gunstore and have sold spare ammo at gunshow!!
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    No, and for all the reasons already posted.

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    Everyone at yard sales want everything for a buck or less, I doubt you will get $18 a box, unless you have a different class of yard salers in your neck of the woods.

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    I used to cruise the garage sales on duty when I was assigned to a different station. It was our weekend "get out and meet the public" detail. If I saw ammo, holsters, or other gear for sale, I always asked if they had any guns for sale. Occasionally I would run into a deal like a widow who had a gun in the house but didn't know how to get rid of it. Sometimes I could come back off duty and make an offer, but I always assumed there was a gun to go with the stuff and I always asked.

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    I have sold both ammo and guns at yardsales when I lived in FL.

    That being said, it depends on where you live and how you think doing so might effect OPSEC.

    I wouldn't do it where I live now. Too much crime for anyone here to know that I have any guns.

    So it depends. Also, check local laws as has been said previously.
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    I wouldn't

    Someone might use that ammo for illegal purposes or accidentally do something stupid with it. Liberal laws the way they are, you'd be up on the chopping block in civil court.

    Just sell it on here on at your gun range
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