What is your favorite brand of .40 ammo

What is your favorite brand of .40 ammo

This is a discussion on What is your favorite brand of .40 ammo within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; i've got a Glock 23 i'm going to carry once i get my concealed carry permit...i know ..try different ammo to see what functions best ...

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Thread: What is your favorite brand of .40 ammo

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    What is your favorite brand of .40 ammo

    i've got a Glock 23 i'm going to carry once i get my concealed carry permit...i know ..try different ammo to see what functions best in my gun etc....but...that aside..what do you consider the most potent brand/bullet combo....ammo is almost endless...from federal h shoks , rem gold sabre, to winchester ranger t, to corbon...it goes on and on....so what's your favorite for self defense in the .40?

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    Granted, the choices are far and wide. I've had most of those you've mentioned, but for the most part I carry the Golden Saber in 40 S&W and the 45ACP. Apparently that's missing in the pic for the 40, but I do have it and carry it.

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    The Golden Saber is an excellent round and was my defensive handgun choice for years until I just recently changed over to the Winchester Ranger 155gr. load.

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    I'm carrying remington 155 grn JHP the exact same stuff the US Border Patrol carries down here in South Texas
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    Federal 180gr HST Tacticals for carry
    Independence 180gr FMJ for practice
    Federal 165gr American Eagle for practice

    Those HST's open up exactly like the picture on the box. I've shown the openned up slugs to cops and guys at the gun store, and they either want to take a picture of it (gun store clerk) or ask me where to get a box (cop). Works sweet out of a short barrel too, and recoil is relatively mild. Quality stuff.

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    edc ammo

    normalaly carry wwb jhp 180 gr.at the range i shoot wwb 165 gr
    fmj. works good for my g-27.
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    I'm not sure if I'd consider it the most potent but I like 180 gr. Gold Dots. They've always given me great accuracy and reliability. They also chrono'd an avg. of 1020 fps from my G27 and 1055 fps from my G22.

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    I carry Rem. Golden Sabres as a carry in 40 cal. 45 cal and 380. Here's a resource for stopping power in different calibers. It lists the recorded one shot stop percentages of different rounds.

    Handloads.Com - Stopping Power

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    If we're going by what I have the most of, it's Winchester White Box target loads.

    Federal HXT's and Speer GD's in 180 grains for EDC

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    It is all a matter of personal preference and compromises. I personally do not like the 180 gr .40s, but 155 is fine but hard to find where I live.

    I truly believe there is no such thing as a "perfect" choice. Put some of whatever you think you like through your gun, and if it feeds well, use it.

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    I've recently been turned on to "extreme shock" the video on their website sold me and when I tried out with milk jugs filled with water they did exactly like the video, MASS DESTRUCTION!!

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    You may want to go to "Box o Truth" and see what they have to say about the "extreme shock " ammo.

    I use to carry nothing but Hydrashok in all my SD weapons, but it is older technology. I heard so much about the HST I decided to try a couple boxes. This stuff expands like nothing I have ever seen. One member here has one that was photoshopped for his avatar and it looks just like a fired round except for the coloring.

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    Ranger T's and Speer gold dots

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    I don't know if your post was in jest, but you might re-think the ES ammunition.
    Penetration in properly calibrated 10% ordnance gel has been shown to be much less than ideal.
    All one has to do in order to realise the importance of good penetration is review the PPT of the FBI DSU form a 2006 OIS that's floating around the net as of late.
    In short, a bullet has got to have the ability to reach vital areas, preferably from every angle, to be effective.

    In .40, I like:

    Golden Saber Bonded (and standard) in both weights
    Ranger SXT in 156 & 180gr

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    I remember when the SHTF over the Black Talon ammo. There was such a backlash against people defending themselves with the ammo that Winchester had to take the BT off the market for civilians and even renamed it something else when it was re-released to the general public. (At least this is my recollection).

    Because of all that negative publicity regarding the BTs, I now use plain old 135gr Federal Hydra Shoks. Is this the "best"? No doubt it's probably not. However, in today's litigious atmosphere, if I ever have to "defend" myself on why I used my gun in SD, the last thing I want is some POS lawyer for the BG's family asking why I used such "deadly" ammo as xxx brand.

    I can simply say that the ammo I used is what the police use.

    Maybe this is a stupid reason, but it's my reason.

    Besides, I carry 12 rounds in my new 13 round magazine (thanks Shizzle). If I can't take care of a situation with that many rounds...
    Bitter and clinging to my guns and my religion.

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