Ammo Exposed To High Temperatures

Ammo Exposed To High Temperatures

This is a discussion on Ammo Exposed To High Temperatures within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hello all, Here is the situation. I am not able to carry my gun (Kahr PM9) on my person at work as a restriction of ...

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Thread: Ammo Exposed To High Temperatures

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    Ammo Exposed To High Temperatures

    Hello all,

    Here is the situation. I am not able to carry my gun (Kahr PM9) on my person at work as a restriction of my CCW and my employer as well, however I can have it in my vehicle while I am at work. It is not unusual for temperatures to reach 110 plus degrees where I live here in CA, which of course means that the temperature on the inside of the vehicle itself are much hotter than that. Do you think that ammo left in these temperatures, for hours on end make it more susceptible to failure, and if so do you have any recommendations on how to prevent this?

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    Not sure,but I will add this.My dad left guns in his cars ALL the time!I do not believe this is good.However,after his death,ALL his guns fired without fail.Semi auto,revolver and shotgun.None of these guns had been cleaned,ever.I believe it is best to keep guns clean,away from hi temp. etc.But I also believe guns and ammo are a lot tougher than some people think.Just an opinion though.

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    Ammo Exposed To High Temperatures
    Pretty much a non-issue, and has been discussed here extensively before.

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    Can you take the ammo in with you and just leave the gun?

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    I'm sure that an APC in Iraq gets just as hot if not hotter than your car and it's pretty much a non issue ,I've shot ammo after being stored in hot temperatures for years and it all went bang,
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    If your ammo is heated and cooled repeatedly over a long period of time yes it will have a higher failure rate than ammo stored under a constant temperature.

    It will probably take a year or two to start noticing a difference
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    I don't believe the heat will effect it. What I do believe will is the change in temperature that it experieces at least twice a day will. Goes from AC to 110 then back to AC. I would shoot it off and buy new every 6-8 months. That's just my opinion.

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    I carry a spare 230 in a car gun safe here in Arizona, 110 is chilly compared to here in May through August. Been there for many years, just change the safe from truck to truck when I buy a new one. Bet they all fire fine, sunlight is the killer not the temps we get in a vehicle. My carry firearm I change about every 6 months, but only because I think reloading after range could deep-seat the bullet and I like to shoot my carry ammo to confirm proficiency

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    Yes its hot in the middle east (130) and the humidity where I'm at is misfires on any of our guns, and all 5 50cals have their bullets subject to the sea.

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