G30 load

G30 load

This is a discussion on G30 load within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm trying to decide what manufacturer to use for my new G30. I'm down to Speer or DoubleTap Ammo. I would appreciate any feedback....

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Thread: G30 load

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    G30 load

    I'm trying to decide what manufacturer to use for my new G30. I'm down to Speer or DoubleTap Ammo. I would appreciate any feedback.

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    Either one will work. I run 230+P HST in mine.
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    Any of the good ammo from the major manufacturers would work well. I personally like the Federal HST for several reasons.

    It always does excellent in any testing I have ever seen. It feeds and cycles in my G30 just great. It is inexpensive enough to shoot enough to trust the ammo and stay proficient.

    Speer and Double tap make great ammo also if that is what you are set on.

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    I carry Fed HST in my G30. They function!
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    I just got my G30 a couple of weeks ago. I haven't had time to qualify with it yet, so I haven't been able to add it to my CCW. When I do, I'll be carrying Federal Expanding Point FMJ. It's what I use in my XD 45, and my G26.

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    I have a Glock 30 also, I have only put 150 rounds of Winchester white box through it, but when I get off the rig, I got two cases of Federal HST and another of Hydra-Shok. I'll let you know how they both shoot through mine.
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    Both are good choices, but...........

    Try both in the 30 before you decide. All my Glocks seem to like everything I feed them. Make sure your 30 likes them too. Better some jams and a few extra bucks spent on the range than a failure when it "really matters".
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    I don't have a Glock but I do have a 1911 in .45.

    Between the two you mentioned, I'd lean towards Speer Gold Dot, but I've shot plenty of DoubleTap without issues too.

    As some have mentioned, check out Federal's HST. It's pretty impressive stuff:

    (pic from another member of this forum)

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    Any modern HP should do the job, as long as you put them in the right spot. I have no first hand experiance with the effects of any of them, and I hope I never do, but from the test results I have seen, you can't go wrong with either Gold Dots or Federal HST's. Just be sure to run a box or two through your gun to be sure they function 100%.

    I carry either 230gr Gold Dot's or HST's in my G30, whichever I can get for a good price. Both have functioned flawlessly in my pistol. I will be picking up a couple boxes of the EFMJ's to test, for those times when I must travel to states that don't allow HP's.

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    Speer Gold Dot...in all my .45's...
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