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This is a discussion on Winchester White box Facts within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have had two rounds that wouldn't fire from WWB... Both .40, both being shot out of a M&P40c... Sent that pistol in to S&W... ...

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Thread: Winchester White box Facts

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    I have had two rounds that wouldn't fire from WWB... Both .40, both being shot out of a M&P40c...

    Sent that pistol in to S&W... And it has never had another issue eating WWB.

    IOW... It wasn't the ammo...

    I think that's how rumors are started...
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    Thanks all

    As I suspected. I feel bad for the poor ******* in the class who said he was going to go home and destroy about 800 rounds he had bough of the stuff... wish I had his number. I'm trying to get whatever BS "advisory" this is based on and the instructor said she will mail it to me. If she does, I'll let you all know what it says. Who knows... may even find it on the gun version of Snopes.

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    I have shoot over 2,000 rounds of the WWB and never had a problem!
    "The only purpose for a pistol is to fight your way back to the rifle you should have never laid down". -unknown

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    ASnyone that wants to get rid of their WWB just send it to me, and I'll properly dispose of it for you at no charge!!

    PM me for my address to ship it to...

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    It's BS, but if anyone feels that strongly about it, I will be glad to take that nasty WWB off their hands!

    I've put a couple of thousand rounds of WWB through my .45s and have never had a problem. The stuff works all the time, every time.

    About the only problem I have had lately has been finding the stuff! Seems like there's been a run on it in my neighborhood WalMarts. I went to three yesterday and all were sold out. And yes, sold out, they did not remove it from the shelves (I asked at every store). Luckily, we happened by another WalMart this afternoon and I was able to pick up another 300 rounds. I've got 1500 rounds stashed away, plus another 400 or so in my range bag. That should hold me over for a couple of months...

    Cheers! M2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tangle View Post
    I shoot thousands of rounds a year of WWB 9mm and have few, if any at all, problems due to ammo quality.

    Brownie, I don't think he'd mind me sharing this, between himself and his students, shoot tens of thousands of WWB a year and is completely satisfied with the quality.
    As Tangle mentioned on page one, which I've just stumbled onto here:

    Tens of thousands of rounds in 9mm and 45acp WWB every year for the last 4 years since starting the training with others. One student and I, on a private session, can typically get through 2500 rounds of WWB in about 7 hours.

    I've had one student who shot 4500-4700 rds of 9mm WWB in 3 days and I put another 1200 down range in the same time frame.

    I've not had one malf or seen a malf due to the WWB ammo in at least 150K of 9mm and 50K of 45acp in the last 4 years. I've got 24K in 9mm and 11-12K of 45acp WWB stored for students who fly out for training at all times.

    Come Feb 21 and 22 2009 I've got a class out here at Rio Salado where there'll be 10K of WWB brass sitting on the ground at the end of the first day, maybe more.

    No problems with WWB in those two calibers and I don't expect I'll see any in the future.

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    I did have a misfire from WWB

    Quote Originally Posted by G96X0 View Post
    I found this article while doing some ammunition research and had no idea of the following;

    This has been making American shooters nuts for a number of years now… particularly in the immediate aftermath of 11 September 2001 when there was a major run on 5.56mm ammunition. Winchester's "generic" or "budget" USA, or "white box," brand of ammunition actually has two different 55-grain FMJ rounds, and one has to look closely at the "small print" to discern the difference.

    For openers, in addition to the ATK-operated Lake City plant2, Winchester is also a primary supplier of M193 to the U.S. military. That particular X223R1 round is commercially available in the white USA box product encoded "Q3131." What few realize is that Israeli Military Industries (IMI), the sole supplier of ammo to the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), also supplies their M193 as a subcontractor for Winchester; that round is often made available in the USA white boxes marked "Q3131A." By most reports, qualitatively, it is the same round and performs virtually the same as the home-grown variant.

    The Gun Zone
    Went to the range two weeks ago to practice before I had to quailfy for my CCW class. Second load of the cylinder on my 38 special using Winchester White box from Walmart had a misfire. Examined the round. The Primer is hit and dimpled quite deeply, but no Bang.
    I took the risk and reloaded the round, tried to fire it again. As Einstien said, "foolish is preforming the same experiment twice, and expecting different results", in other words, still no bang. I was wondering, if I call winchester would they want the round back to examine, for Quality Control?

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    I had one jam at the range today, and one misfire (struck primer) out of a box of WWB 45auto today at the range out of my P220 SAO First time that ever happened.

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    1000's of WWB here, no problems. NO MUZZLE FLASH with target or defense rounds from my pistol. Handy in a dark situation, no temporary blindness, since most BG's work at night.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jwgjr View Post
    At a recent concealed carry class, the instructor said that "every major manufacturer" has come out with avisories against using WWB-- from WalMart specifically. Her story was that the rounds were second grade that had to be shipped out of the US and imported back in to get around quality control, and that the ammo was likely to have squib rounds.

    Anyone aware of this? I wasn't able to find anything using Google which leads me to believe this may be a scare tactic to get new gun buyers and other novices to buy more expensive gun shop ammo...
    I call BS on this one. Walmart would not sell junk and with their buying power Winchester would have to be fools to feed their #1 account sloppy seconds.

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