Bullet 'set back' - what now?

Bullet 'set back' - what now?

This is a discussion on Bullet 'set back' - what now? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So I noticed that one of the rounds I've been carrying is about 1mm shorter than the others from the same box. I've read about ...

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Thread: Bullet 'set back' - what now?

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    Bullet 'set back' - what now?

    So I noticed that one of the rounds I've been carrying is about 1mm shorter than the others from the same box. I've read about 'set back' before, but I haven't read about what to do with a round that is discovered to be suffering from it. Can I fire it, or is the danger of too much pressure too high? It is a 'regular' pressure round, i.e. not a '+p' or '+p+' round.

    If I shouldn't fire it - or for any other unfired round that I determine shouldn't be fired for whatever reason - what is the protocol for disposing of a live round?

    Thanks for your help!
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    For ammo with excesive setback,remove bullet and dispose of powder, the primer can then be fired in your pistol. I would suggest that you buy a bullet puller for those times that it may be needed. If setback is real minor the round may be fired. A lot depends on the caliber. .40 smith and wesson has higher pressures so any setback would be dangerous. .45 is less damgerous to fire with setback because normal pressures give more lattitude to the max pressure. 9mm loaded at normal pressures is also les dangerous and can be fired with some setback. I would say that if there is any doubrt then disassemble the round. The poweder can be spread around plants outside.

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    +1. You could reset the bullet with an inertial bullet puller but why risk it for the cost of a round. The safe thing is what raevan said.
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    If ever I have doubt toward setback I discard the bullet, safely, at my local range red/fire bucket.

    Why risk the unknown for the cost of a maybe $0.75 bullet?

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    I agree, pull it and save the brass.

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    Do whatever, just don't fire it if it is setback .
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