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HST in court.

This is a discussion on HST in court. within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; If you are overly concerned with such mundane issues as whether you will be sued based on the ammunition you choose to carry, you probably ...

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Thread: HST in court.

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    If you are overly concerned with such mundane issues as whether you will be sued based on the ammunition you choose to carry, you probably will be too hesitant to shoot when the situation arises. You would perhaps be better off selling your handgun and getting a new cell phone. Your only defense is going to be dialing 911, if your attacker will be kind enough afford you the opportunity.

    If you are in a shooting situation it will be reviewed by law enforcement to determine you did in fact act in a self-defense manner. If this is more than you can handle, join the sheep and hope a sheep dog is around when the SHTF.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rusty Bouquett View Post
    For the record I, for one, would NEVER carry an SD handgun with anything resembling a human skull on the gun anywhere. YMMV
    Yeah... I actually don't... it has Aluma Grips on it now and is loaded with HST's!
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Supertac45 View Post
    I suggest at least 250 rounds through your weapon to make sure that ammo works all the time. If the shooting is within the parameters of self defense justification, I wouldn't worry about ammo selection.

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    As was said earlier "anything can happen", you can't depend on a jury to do what is right. Something that I leared a long time ago was to find out what round your local LEO's carry and carry the same round. It would/should be said that you wanted a round to "stop" the threat and that's why you chose that round.
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    I for one think a lot of people do get to hung up on ammo selection when it relates to self defense. I think YOUR actions and whether or not you acted in accordance with your state's law in such matters will determine if you are charged with a crime after a self defense shooting. Now again I do think your location matters to because what is ruled self defense in Texas of Florida may not be seen as such in Massachusetts for example.

    As a general rule KNOW THE LAW because if we take the responsibility to arm ourselves,then don't we owe to to ourselves also to be armed with the just as important knowledge of knowing when we CAN LEGALLY use our weapons? If your going to a state that honors your carry permit,then research that state's laws on self defense and use of lethal force and when you can and can't use it.

    I'm not saying things don't happen in court that shouldn't to law abiding people, because obviously they do. I'm saying that as a general rule if you act within the law the law will usually protect you in such matters.

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    Be realistic in your thought process: how many court cases are decided by choice of ammo selection? Scratch that single 10mm case; that was a crap argument and the circumstances of the shooting were questionable. Out of all cases involving self-defense shootings, how many turned against the shooter because of their choice in ammunition?

    I wouldn't say you had much to worry about.


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