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    0 Buck

    Do they make o buck shot anymore? I have not been able to find any lately.Where can I find some?

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    Why use O-Buck when there's OO-Buck and OOO-Buck?

    FYI, I keep my HD shotgun loaded with #4 Buckshot. It should have more-than-adequate man stopping power, and is less likely to tear up walls and furniture.

    But to answer your question, I haven't seen "O-Buck" on shelves for awhile either.

    Pete Zaria.
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    I've never heard of it actually. Think it would be the same as #1 buck?

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    o-buckshot is just slightly bigger than #1 buck.

    I've used #1 buck more than 0 & 00 buck for deer hunting. It covers HD purposes just fine as well ........... I have a slection of #4, #1, and 00-buckshot on hand for both hunting and HD.

    I have seen 0 buckshot at the local Wally-World here.....thier stocking up for the upcoming deer season. If it'll work on a deer, it'll take care of any thugs as well me thinks.
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    Winchester still makes the "0" buck.
    As to why to use "0" buck, it depends on how your shot gun patterns it.

    I have a Valmet O/U 12GA x .308 that I use for hunting, it puts 5 to 6 "0" buck into a paper plate @ 40 steps. It does not like other brands or other sizes of buck shot.
    I also use it for home defense with my 870 riot gun, will work as well as "00"

    #1 Buck = .30 Cal
    "0" Buck = .32 Cal
    "00" Buck = .33 Cal

    2 3/4" 00 Mag = 12 Pellets
    2 3/4" standard "0" = 12 Pellets

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    All the shells for my coach gun are 00 buck...plenty of firepower for any rude intruder(s).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ram Rod View Post
    I've never heard of it actually.
    I used to have some; I think I had some in 20-gauge, though #1 is more common for that. Seems like I've seen it in 16-gauge, but since I only own 12's and 20's, I never had any. Don't know if it's still available.
    It's just enough smaller than 00 that you can actually get enough into a smaller-than-12-gauge shell to pattern well, but still carries well enough that the difference isn't notable.

    Stay safe,

    Chuck Brick.
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    I use #1 in my HD shotgun.

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