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This is a discussion on Beyond Manufacturer within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The Speer Company, loads its 124gr +P Gold dot, to 1220fps coming out of a 4in barrel. I carry the same bullet loaded by another ...

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    Beyond Manufacturer

    The Speer Company, loads its 124gr +P Gold dot, to 1220fps coming out of a 4in barrel. I carry the same bullet loaded by another company traveling at 1295fps out of a 4in barrel.

    My question is at the higher velocity would this enhance
    bullet performance, or lower it since the manufacture
    did not load it to this pressure.

    I was told since Speer, did not load it to this velocity it may
    perform as intended.

    So what are your thoughts?
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    Am I missing something here? You are questioning 70 fps out of the same barrel? What difference does that make?

    What situations do you think this will/could compromise? Maybe I'm off base here...but you're still in the ball park.

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    Usually for purposes of Self Defense higher velocity will enhance bullet performance but the minuscule velocity difference that you are talking about would likely be decently irrelevant. Just my 2 cents worth on this one.

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    What I think you're getting at is this...........I believe the top of the line manufacturers do extensive ballistics testing to ensure the chosen bullet design will perform optimally in the average pistol or handgun. If they narrowed things down even more to specific barrel lengths and offered a wider variety to the consumer, prices would likely double. As stated previously--how much difference would 70fps actually make in the real world?

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    A little over 50 ft/lbs at the Muzzle.. Seeing as that's over a 10% increase, yeah, that's a big deal.
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