Stockpile ratio

Stockpile ratio

This is a discussion on Stockpile ratio within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Many are buying ammo in preparation for ammo shortages/taxes. I was curious as to how much you are stocking and what the ratio is of ...

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Thread: Stockpile ratio

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    Stockpile ratio

    Many are buying ammo in preparation for ammo shortages/taxes. I was curious as to how much you are stocking and what the ratio is of practive ammo versus self defense ammo.

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    I have multi-K rounds of various calibers...mostly .45, 9mm, .223, in the hundreds...30-30, and 00 buck.
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    Got to have enough for practice so the remainder will be effective if used. I like to have a fair turnover to keep the SD ammo fresh.
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    Prior to things looking like they are elections-wise, I typically owned about 100 rounds of SD ammo and 1000 rounds of practice ammo. That's split in three calibers... not per caliber/weapon.

    Now I'm up to about 500 and 3000, with another 200 SD rounds on the way. My biggest concern is that the new administration and/or congressional bodies would try to prohibit SD ammo just like the old "teflon coated bullets".
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    Mostly practice, have about 1500-2000rds per weapon. Dick's has an other sale on next week, will be picking up couple more cases of 9mm & .40 ammo.
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    I got enough powder primers and lead to crank out about 20,000 rounds of 45,9mm,40 S&W,and about 5000 .223
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    With the acception shot gun ammo, I think a solid argument can be made that in SHTF situations, the practice rounds might have advantages the CC SD (like hollow points) might lack.

    I desided a while back that my .357 SIG 125 GR. FMJ Winchester (go to practice rounds) might be a better SHTF SD round then my CC SD 125 GR. SXT Winchester Ranger rounds.

    Sometimes, the practice round (for some calibers) provide the better rounds for in the woods, penetration, combat, etc. Just IMO. I would not make this argument for the typical SD situation.


    Ya, I've stocked up a bit on Practice ammo (esp any time there is a sale). For semi-auto handgun rounds. Not sure I would want to re-load semi-auto ammo. I don't think prices will be dropping (either due to the possibility of a weaking dollar, taxes, or just the econ in general). There are a lot of good reasons (right now) to build up a surplus if you catch a good price.

    As for revolver and hunting ammo, reloads would do the trick. So I just have a min of rounds (and will count on family round making time reloads).

    I bought a little more XX buck a few days ago. Shotgun ammo is the only ammo I've been slacking on.

    Lastly, I can't deside how much .22 LR rounds I should buy. I keep 100 - 700 around, that lasts about a month or two. Cheap hobby. Hope it stays at $.03 or so a round :)

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    I have 2,000 Each cal can go either way all HP except 300 rnds JSP for hunting not includind riffle

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    Mostly practice for me. I'd venture to guess my "stockpile" to be 70/30. 30% PD ammo. I buy whatever strikes me at the moment or is a good buy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SelfDefense View Post
    Many are buying ammo in preparation for ammo shortages/taxes. I was curious as to how much you are stocking and what the ratio is of practive ammo versus self defense ammo.
    I just bought 1000 rounds of 7.62x39 for my AK, and I'm getting ready to do the same for .223. I have enough shotgun shells to last me for life, I'm slowly picking up handgun ammo, I'd say about 500 of each caliber at this point 9mm, .380, .45 and .38.

    I have about 3 boxes (550 rounds each) of 22 LR... that'll last me til kingdom come and I also have about 100 rounds of my .270... I really only use it for hunting anyway. I'm a good shot at it anyway. My 8mm Mauser I have about 100 rounds as well, as it's not a plinking gun, more of a collectors item.

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    The ammo I purchase is about 50/50... however, with that said all of the ammo is defensive if need be including .223, 308, 12g, 20g, .45, .40, 9mm, .380, .38 and the good ole .22.
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    I shot up 700 rounds or so at Front Sight this month so I only have about 3300 practice rounds left. I've got 300 Federal HST's 100 TAP and 80 Gold Dot.

    Dang! I'd better get stocked back up!
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    404 Page Not Found

    Wink Not Enough!

    They way I've been feeling recently, not enough of any! I have 3,800 of 9MM, 1,000 of 7.62 X 39, and a couple of 100 12 GA, plus 2-3,000 22 LR, and enough of my SD EDC ammo for a couple of intense engagements......

    Note to self:

    3-4,000 7.62 X 39 JHP
    3-4,000 9 MM Ball
    500-1,000 Gold Dot JHP
    1-2,000 12 Ga Various shot
    2-3,000 22 LR JHP

    Darn! How do I explain this to DW?
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    Making ammo.
    I simply have ammo. It can be used for practice or defense.
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    Most of my stockpile is defensive rounds. Only place I have to shoot is a public range, and they require you use their ammo.
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