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    What is the proper procedure for disposing of FTF ammo at the range?

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    The range I go to has a steel box that you put them in.
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    Well, that depends.......from what I've seen at my local range, they leave them lying on the ground. Me...knowing that volunteers brush hog the range or mow it, I'll pick up every one I see and take them home with me to investigate further, or pull the bullet, or cut the case and empty the powder-disposal from that point is generally in the regular trash once the cartridge is disassembled. Personally, I've never had an 'FTF' (failure to fire....not to be confused with failure to feed). If your range doesn't have provisions for disposal, and you don't have the means to pull the bullets from the cartridge and empty the powder, take them home with you and cut the neck with a pair of diagonal side cutting pliers and empty out the powder and dispose of the bullet and case like anything else. Dump the powder on the ground or into your potted plants as it makes very good plant food/fertilizer.

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    If it's a caliber I own a gun for, I pull the bullet for my own loads, and save the brass for the same reason.

    If it's a caliber I don't own a gun for, I pull the bullet and save the bullet and brass for when i do buy that gun. As a matter of fact, that's how i came to own a .45-70.
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    If it's not your bullet don't pick up a bullet at the range and try to fire it,if somebody wants to be a jerk they can reload a round that can blow up in your gun,I pick them up and pull them down to reload
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