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7.62x39mm in Urban Environment

This is a discussion on 7.62x39mm in Urban Environment within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by AZ Husker The myth of a 12 gauge shotgun clearing a hallway has long been proved a lie. Pattern spread in the ...

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Thread: 7.62x39mm in Urban Environment

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZ Husker View Post
    The myth of a 12 gauge shotgun clearing a hallway has long been proved a lie. Pattern spread in the length of a house is minimal. I'll take the 30 rounds of an AK over the five rounds of a shotgun anytime.
    I guarantee you that the spread of a 3" Magnum 00-buckshot at 10-15' is more than sufficient, especially with the right equipment and skill.

    And while overpenetration is still a concern, it is a lot less so than with 7.62x39! I have three-sided stone in my house, and I believe the AK round would still break through whereas there is a much better chance 00-buck will not.

    And if you have to shoot 30 rounds in an HD situation, you either need to move to a better neighborhood or have a good defense lined up because you will be grilled in a court of law!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackeagle View Post
    A shogun is not a panacea as far as overpenetration is concerned. Bucksho goes through drywall like a hot knife through butter. I think a .223 with frangible ammo is the best compromise between terminal effect and avoiding overpenetration.
    Well actually the buckshot has to go thru 1/2 inch of drywall, 3.5 inches of fiberglass insulation, a vapor barrier, another 3/4 inch foam board, then the plastic siding.(typical wall up here in newer construction, older houses have wood siding around here) Then travel say 25 ft and do it all over again. Thats not accounting for the intial 10 or so feet it has to travel before hitting the wall. I doubt a 32cal pellet will go thru all of that, a 7.62 x39 I have no doubt WILL go thru all that.
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    Shotgun hard to beat.

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    I'd be little concerned about over penetration with neighbors that close with that round. A 7.62x39 round can shoot through a pretty fair amount of stuff without too much of a problem.

    Cinder block/stone walls don't even offer too much cover from it.

    The majority of 7.62x39 holes I see in walls (which I see at least the holes from pretty much every day), usually go through several walls, and some of the houses over here are rather stout.
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    In an urban setting when the SHTF, I'm not going to worry about bullet type, caliber, or any other obstacles to defend my family/home. That's assuming that roving bands of dirtbags are running wild.
    Of course no one wants a bullet to go through a wall or down the street into someone else's home...anarchy/urban riot situation and war could be a real hell.

    In a home invasion situation, I am aware of which directions are better for all concerned...I would always try to plan for that, but a man's gotta' do what a man's gotta do....

    Which would you choose, a bullet possibly going into a neighbor's house, or the life of one of your children because BG's are trying to get into your home?

    There is a fine line in trying to determine which caliber type will go through clothing and the BG, but not a neighbor's window or wall.

    I know my choice.

    In a SHTF type of situation, the AK is going to be employed. In a normal every day run of the mill home invasion, the Shotgun will be used to defend the homes or the G23.

    I have been considering the effectiveness of one of the Kel-tek Sub2000 pistol caliber rifles. A .40 cal that uses Glock mags for interchangeability between the rifle and my carry gun. Seem logical to me.
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