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School me on Shotgun Slugs

This is a discussion on School me on Shotgun Slugs within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; You must be an old geezer. I came to the same conclusion a long time ago,right up until I saw a few videos that showed ...

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Thread: School me on Shotgun Slugs

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    You must be an old geezer.
    I came to the same conclusion a long time ago,right up until I saw a few videos that showed them spinning as soon as they were shot.
    Dont matter really. They still do some horrendous damage.
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    It is the friction between the lands on the flutes when still inside the barrel and the aerodynamics when the rifled slug is outside the barrel. Think of throwing a football.

    I suspect your shotgun has a smooth barrel and a rifled slug will give you better accuracy at greater ranges. But multiple projectiles will give you more room for margin in a self defense situation. You might want to do as suggested above and try out some 0, 00 and other buckshot at a range. As soon as the weather cooperates I plan to try some 00 buck to see how it does in my Ithaca 37.
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    I killed a house once ,an old farm house in Missouri with lathe and plaster walls,slug went thru the exterior wood sided walls ,two interior lathe and plaster walls,and exited the outside wall,I think it stopped in Iowa
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    Thanks for all the great info guys

    I looked it over and my Mossy has a 20" smooth bore.

    I did purchase a pack of 5 3" sabot slugs before I posted the question and now Im a little bummed that I spent the money. Oh well live and learn.

    I'll look into the low recoil slug options.

    Thanks again guys

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    I use slugs for deer hunting. My gun is a Rem 11-87 with the cantaliever scope mound. On the rail, I shoot a 1x red dot scope. The gun is smooth bore, but does take a screw in rifled choke tube. I use an extended Carlson Rifled tube. Shooting Federal .50 sabot Hydrashok slugs, this gun shoots 5" or better groups at 75 yards (about as far as I can see a deer anywhere I hunt) I've taken two deer with this combo and both dropped as soon as they were hit. AS for the foster type slugs, the so called rifling does not provide any spin. Rather, the hollow design means that most of the projectile weight is in the nose and the slugs fly much like a dart. The Brenneke slugs are similar to regular fosters, but all of the wads are attached to the slug. In theory, this give a longer more "dartlike" projectile. I know hunters who swear by them, but in my experience, they aren't much different from any other Foster slugs. Another thing is that the manufacturer dose make a difference. I used to shoot Foster slugs in an old Browning Auto-5. It loved Remington slugs, but Winchesters were all over the place. I found the the Remingtons had a slightly smaller diameter than Winchesters and the Browning just liked shooting then through its fixed modified choke more than the tighter fitting Winchesters

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    Reconsider slugs????

    I know you asked about slugs and not about other shotgun loads. But since this is a "defensive carry/ammunition/ballistics site I thought I'd go out on a limb and assume that you were going to use the shotgun for self defense.

    If you want to use it for hunting or for a long range street shooting, slugs may be the ticket. But if you are talking about true "self defense" - perhaps and likely in the home or in the yard - you'd be better off with buckshot or even birdshot of some kind.

    Lots of reasons - penetration problems as stated, ease of hitting the perp in a low light stress situation etc.

    If "in house, or pistol distance self defense" is not your purpose for asking for information - my apologies.

    But if so, you might want to consider other projectiles. They are safer for all concerned, easier to hit with, and all around more effective IMO.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Marvin Knox View Post'd be better off with buckshot or even birdshot of some kind....
    Forget birdshot unless you are being attacked by birds.

    Use buckshot, and hit your target. At self defense distances, there won't be any stray pellets if you hit center mass.

    - OS

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    FWIW I don't see much difference in accuracy between the smooth bore 18" that came with my 870 or the Hastings 20" rifled barrel I purchased for it.

    I've tried all sorts of slugs and have come to the conclusion that they all worked peachy 50 - 100 yards.

    I now stick with the 18" and run of the mill Winchester slugs.

    I prefer slugs, but +1 on avoiding birdshot. Slugs or buckshot for self defense.

    Check out for some real world comparisons.


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    Quote Originally Posted by bzdog View Post
    Check out The Box O' Truth - Ammo Penetration testing for some real world comparisons.
    Wow! Great site!!!
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