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What brand is best for clean shooting target ammo?

This is a discussion on What brand is best for clean shooting target ammo? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Magtech is the cleanest I've found...A little "sparky" but less residue and gunk than WWb or BB...

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Thread: What brand is best for clean shooting target ammo?

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    Magtech is the cleanest I've found...A little "sparky" but less residue and gunk than WWb or BB

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1boredguy View Post
    I've been using Winchester white box for a while now because Walmart sells it cheaper than everybody else.

    Are there any other series of target ammo that are significantly cleaner to shoot? and worth practicing with.

    any tips are appreciated!
    A lot of good replies in this thread. I don't know how I missed it when it came out...either that or I wasn't ready to touch it yet. Cleaner shooting ammo? Like some others have stated....I've used a vast array of factory range ammo for all of my pistols. 9mm, 40S&W, 45acp. Federal American Eagle, and PMP seem to be cleaner for me in the 9mm. Someone stated Magtech, and to me it is also "sparky" especially on an indoor range, but it shoots relatively "clean" for me in the 40S&W and I have a boat load of it. In the 45acp, I have no difference of opinion on any of the brands I've chosen for it according to less fouling or unburnt powder residue. My regular trips to the range pretty much dictate I'll be cleaning some pistols or some firearms for sure. I never really set out without this notion in mind, and I feel that I've chosen good firearms that I maintain well enough that will function no matter how "dirty or less dirty" it seems to be. I figure most of mine would run well with dirt as a propellant if only you could ignite dirt. Figure the most you've ever shot at the range at one time. 50 rounds? 100 rounds? 300.......500? Dirty, less dirty, or dirtiest shouldn't make that much of a difference in a pistol of reputable quality and well maintained IMO. If you regularly shoot an AR-15, then one might be a little bit more concerned about which particular brand of ammo leaves less behind, but only if it's run 'dry' and not well kept. If you're doing specific ammo brand tests...just look for those that leave a lot of flakes of unburned powder in the barrel, chamber, or action. These would be the ones to stay away from IMO. I 've been know to use the WWB and the Blazer Brass in all my pistols/calibers without any noticeable differences other than accuracy in my 45acp, and actually, the WWB takes first place as far as I'm concerned in bulk pistol ammo out of my P220. Your pistol will get dirty no matter how many rounds you shoot.....1......10....50....300+. If you really depend on your carry pistol, and the range ammo works well in it, dirty or dirtier shouldn't be a factor. If your pistol won't work well when "dirty", or that concerns you, then there are two choices to make, and I figure everyone knows what those choices are.

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