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Is CorBon really worth it?

This is a discussion on Is CorBon really worth it? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Darth AkSarBen Seriously, I wonder if your LCP had a headspace problem? This indicates that the bullet was so far shoved into ...

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Thread: Is CorBon really worth it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth AkSarBen View Post
    Seriously, I wonder if your LCP had a headspace problem? This indicates that the bullet was so far shoved into the chamber, that it lodged in the rifling of the pistol. It should have stopped at the case mouth. If the chamber is cut too deep, it might let the bullet be grabbed by the lands of the rifling. Just a thought, might check it out further.

    Note: if this is the case then the case pressures will spike rather quickly during firing. The bullet should NOT be yanked from the cartridge though under normal circumstances. I'd seriously check this out. You don't want it to go ka-boom because of poor headspacing in the breech (chamber).

    Never had that problem with any other brand of ammo in it so I'm pretty sure my pistol is fine.
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    I will say . . .

    . . . that I was *very* impressed with how the CorBon ammo all functioned in our ballistics tests (see my sig.) Once I have cycled through my usual carry ammo (Speer GDs), I think I will be shifting over - so long as it functions reliably in my carry guns.

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    Always carried it always will, 45, 9, 44sp, 357sig....Never had a problem in probably 5000 rnds. use their match ammo for comp shooting and again perfect performance and more uniform fps and POA/POI

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    I have not read every post here, so may be repeating what someone else has said, but at gun shows, I have seen some VERY old Cor-bon for sale. In my younger days, when I did not know better, I bought a box of 50 9mm Cor-bons, and had problems with cases sticking in the chamber, and flattened primers. It turns out that ammo was quite a few years old, from Cor-bon's early days, when they tended to really push to the firewall, and perhaps had less QC than later. As for whether today's Cor-bon is worth the extra price, well, for me, no, unless it is specialty ammo, such as their 200-grain JHP in .45 Colt, or their hunting loads.

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    I PM a respected individual and asked him if he formed an opinion between CorBon DPX and Hornady Critical Defense. He has informally reviewed both. I am a CorBon fan. He stated that in the .380 caliber, both rounds are good. However, the bullet of the Hornady weighs 10 gr more making it 90gr vice 80gr of the DPX. The extra 13% is worth it in his opinion.
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    Only $25 per box. Those def arent the DPX rounds. Cabelas here has em going for $49.99 for a box of 20. Personally like to know why there is only 3 retailers in this state that sell em. The co has been around since 82 and the DPX have been around since 97. So its def not the fact they are new to the market.

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