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Thread: Please Learn From This Boo Boo ~ Whoops!

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    Please Learn From This Boo Boo ~ Whoops!

    This did NOT happen to me.
    I thought it was worthwhile to borrow the story.

    I repeat...this is not my story.
    Here it is:

    "I'm almost embarassed to post this, but maybe it'll help someone else avoid disaster.

    Coupla weeks ago, I went to the local gun show. They don't permit loaded guns in the show, so they have a bullet trap where you can unload. I unloaded my G19, removed all the ammo from the mag, put the mag in one pocket and the cartridges in the other, as required.

    So, on the way out, I need to reload. I grab the ammo out of my pocket, refill the mag. Put the mag in the Glock, muzzle in the bullet trap, and rack the slide. Drop the mag, holster the Glock, and I have 1 more cartridge to top off the mag. So I do that, put it back in the Glock but an alarm goes off in my head. Something was wrong. I *thought* I heard a rattle in the mag. I spent a moment computing this and decided it didn't make sense.

    Dropped the mag, holster the Glock and shook the mag. Yep, it's rattling. Thought, man that's strange, never heard that before. One by one, started removing cartridges from the mag.

    Shocker moment: one of the cartdriges was a .40 caliber.

    I have no idea how the hell that got in there. I use Speer GDs in both my G19 and my .40 cal P239 and somehow I got 1 .40 cal mixed in with my 9mm SD ammo, and I'd been walking around with my mag stacked like that.

    All I can say is, thank goodness I didn't need to defend myself. Last thing I'd need is that .40 popping to the top of the mag in the middle of a fight for my life.

    Check and double check your SD ammo, folks.

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    good point for us multi caliber guys.

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    Well yes indeed - if we have and use and shoot different cals then - for sure - no mix-ups!! I use +P in most 9mm's but keep std pressure for R9 - have to be careful there for no mix ups although not as bad as different cal altogether!!

    Proves it would seem tho never tried - a 9mm double stack mag will accept the .40!!

    That could certainly have been more than embarrassing to say least!
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    Yep i always check corse i dont have a 40 so no prob in 9mm dont have a 380 either other autos are 10mm and 45 not sure if that 10 will stick in a 45 mag but i know 45 wont fit the 10 mag

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    I went to the range with a friend who's a .40 shooter last weekend, I was paranoid all day about keeping his 40 and my 9 on seperate tables.

    The other way around is even worse, a 9mm will chamber in a .40. Dropping the hammer can fire, possibly leaving a squib in the barrel. Same with .40 in a .45, the entire cartrige can get lodged in the barrel! Feed another round... Kaboom!
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