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Emailing a letter to Federal about HST

This is a discussion on Emailing a letter to Federal about HST within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Man this threads got legs - seems to be everywhere. Heres a link to the thread on GlockTalk - TDS email - no more "LEO" ...

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Thread: Emailing a letter to Federal about HST

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    Man this threads got legs - seems to be everywhere.

    Heres a link to the thread on GlockTalk - TDS email - no more "LEO" ammo for civilians - Glock Talk.

    I post this only so I dont have to retype everything again. Also it would seem this time around its partially my fault as you will see.

    The bottom line is that it all remains to be seen. There have been very good points made (Information) as to why its happening.

    Hopefully this helps

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    Isn't it also Winchesters policy to sell the Ranger "T" to LEO only? It too is readily available. I believe it's part of their marketing strategy. It would be pretty difficult to dictate who the wholesalers and retailers can sell to. Winchester and ATK would lose too much business to Remington, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tally XD View Post
    I went to Federal's site tonight to send them an email through their "Contact" link. Until sometime today they are not accepting email due to the holiday.

    I am going to keep checking until they do start accepting email again and I am going to inquire about the rumor surrounding the public availability of their Tactical HST ammo line.

    I want to know directly from Federal if their plan is to keep HST from the public and, if so, why they would move to do that.

    My email will also contain the message that I will no longer buy any product made or sold through Federal if this is their actual intent.

    I am hoping that enough people interested in this issue will do the same. Lets group together and let Federal know what we think about this and we don't want this fine ammunition to be kept from us or given to us in "watered down" Personal Defense offerings.

    We want the best. We have every right to the same ammunition as Law Enforcement (as someone else stated in the other HST post)
    Okay hold on a second.

    Its not that its not available to the civilian public. Most big ammunition companies will not sell LE/ or even +P ammunition to just any dealer. They only sell this "LE" ammo to what they call LE distributors. Your big retailers are not LE distributors thats why you generally don't find +P ammo at wally world or any other big stores that sell ammo, unless they are an LE distributor. Which most guns shops are "LE" distributors. There is no law against joe civilian for buying LE ammo from an LE distributor; however, I think a lot of companies say LE only to stay in good grace with some of the gun ban idiots. Its a clever trick IMHO because they all know that you and I can walk into to any LE distributor and purchase LE ammo. However, if they say LE only they probably stay off the radar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulJ View Post
    I am kind of with Ram Rod on this one. I can see an ammunition designated as "LE only", if for example it is just not suited for home defense use. For example ammunition that requires special training to be used effectively.
    "Special training to be used effectively"? Where does such ammunition originate, another galaxy?

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    I picked up a box(50rnds) at the local gun show this past weekend, and fired about 30rnds of it today at the range..... It is definately a beautiful round to fire. The HST rounds were definately my tightest grouped rounds fired today...

    I would love to get my hands on more, but as previously stated, it's not all that easy to get ahold of other than from the internet...


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