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Walmart Ammo Supplies Dwindling (Merged)

This is a discussion on Walmart Ammo Supplies Dwindling (Merged) within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just got home from my Walmart in Western Kentucky. I got several hundred rounds of 40 and 45 WWB and didn't put a dent in ...

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Thread: Walmart Ammo Supplies Dwindling (Merged)

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    Just got home from my Walmart in Western Kentucky. I got several hundred rounds of 40 and 45 WWB and didn't put a dent in the ammo case. I ask the guy working there (been there for years) if the panic buying had slowed and he said it sure had. Good thing! 100 box 40 S&W $28.97, 100 box 45 ACP $29.97

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    Just checked my local today for 45 ACP and none on the shelf. No telling when they will restock either.

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    The only pistola calibers they have in mine are .40S&W and .32 ACP.
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    My local wally world had a ton of 45acp blazer brass, only 4 boxes of 9 that were being bought while i was there. I bought the last 2 100rd 38spl Winchester. Once what they have is gone they have no clue when anything will be back in.
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    I went to my local WM to pickup some 9mm Blazer. They said they had 180 boxes this morning and one or two guys came in and bought them all.

    The employee working behind the counter asked me "what they hell was going on? Why is everyone buying so much ammo?" Before I could answer, another customer came up and asked for 50 boxes of .40 Blazer.

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    Called a few Wally worlds and found one a few miles away that had 10 boxesof WWB 9mm. went out and picked up 6-100 round boxes and asked if there was any .22 ammo he smiled and shook his head and said an hour ago he had a case but one guy bought it all. The clerk was not happy cause he wanted some. the other stores in KC all had 40s&w and .223 but that's it.
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    My better half just picked up 400 rounds of 9mm and 100 of 45 WWB while grocery shopping yesterday (that’s all they had left).

    It gets sold out soon after they receive it here. We just try to check frequently.

    There’s been plenty of 223 for awhile now.

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    checked three in my area today and they don't have any pistol ammo. they got rifle ammo, but not much. went to dicks' and got three boxes of remingtion 380acp ammo at 15.98 each. got a rain check for some 22lr ammo.
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    2 walmarts within 20 minutes of my home here in the poconos, pa.

    the one is generally sold out of all ammo because its in a tourist area, the other, further deep into the mountains usually has a steady supply. i've only gone there once and they had no 9mm.

    i'm going back tommorow and buying them out, thankyou tax return:)

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    Senior Member Array Beans's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    AZ Border Territory,
    Wal Mart check Yesterday.

    They had (2) 100 Ct boxes of .38 Special. 1 box of 100 Ct .22 ammo and 1 box of 100 Ct .40 S&W.

    The reguler cLerk behind the ammo counter stated the last ammo shippment they got contained only two boxes ( not cases) of 12 guage shotgun shells.

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    USA, where else?
    We had 5 boxes of WWB 100 count 45ACP. I snagged two of them.
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    Was in Walmart today so I checked to see if any came in.
    Picked me up 400 more rds of white box 9mm. Didn't want to be too stingy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AllAmerican View Post

    WWB has been 19.97 for the 100 count for a long time and about a month ago it went to 20.97 at a few stores.

    Bought 600rds today @ $19.97/100. How are guys getting that $15.95 price?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wasabi View Post
    Bought 600rds today @ $19.97/100. How are guys getting that $15.95 price?
    Yeah I second that....

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    Feb 2008
    Western PA
    My western PA wally world had WWB in .45 ACP today for the first time since, like Thanksgiving. I added to my stash what with IDPA season and ever-looming zombie menace. They also had .380 and .40 by the bundle, but nary a 9mm to be found.
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