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Walmart Ammo Supplies Dwindling (Merged)

This is a discussion on Walmart Ammo Supplies Dwindling (Merged) within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Don't know if someone suggested this previously but from my manufactuering background, I'd suggest that ammo makers are running at capacity and adding shifts, etc. ...

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Thread: Walmart Ammo Supplies Dwindling (Merged)

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    Don't know if someone suggested this previously but from my manufactuering background, I'd suggest that ammo makers are running at capacity and adding shifts, etc. to boost capacityto take advantage of this market opportunity.

    The customers (us ) started a surge in demand because of anticipation/fear due to the elections. The demand was ahead of any surge in production so it produced empty shelves. This pushed other buyers (more of us ) to start thinking we should buy to and it created an upward spiral in demand that mfg's haven't been able to catch up to.

    During a time like this, (a seller's market) sellers will divert inventory (to the degree they're able) to higher margin business. So if you can't meet customer demand (the retail guys) you choose who to supply as inventory becomes available.

    It's a game of sorts but you don't want to make a good customer (Walmart; good customer for base business to the ammo guy even if the margin's stink) mad.

    So I suspect it's simply demand outstripping supply throughout the use which is why the replenishment cycle (days between delieveries) is more than normal at wally world.

    I work in a manufactuering environment that sells packagin to customer's who package their product with our packaging and put it on the shelves of Walmart. I know for a fact (from my customers) that if that product doesn't sell Walmart is NOT stuck with it. In fact, Walmart doesn't even get invoiced for these products until some point AFTER they sell the inventory. they have the best payment terms in the world.

    No ammo might be different than diapers, frozen food, pet food, potting soil etc. and there may be laws that require them to take title of that inventory right away. So I don't know for sure, however, I think this is just a big sucking sound caused by demand.

    Persoally I don't think Obama will go after manufactuer's as much as he'll attempt to limit individual rights to own under the guise of "reasonable gun control".

    My .02 and I'm not sure it's worth even that....

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    My W_mart some what stocked to day.
    .40,.45, no 9mm.

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    GIDEON's reply makes sense. I'll just buy a few more rounds if I can find them and wait it out. The market itself will fight any big increases in taxes , these folks have to sell their product to make money and they want to make money. If prices get too high the market will shrink. The gasoline folks almost did it last year. People just started buying less gas and finding other ways to get places. Less gas got sold and strategy backfired. A couple of decades ago the same thing happened with beef. Prices went sky high, houswives rebelled and now we eat more turkey, chicken and pork than we used to and beef never has recovered its old market.
    If they had left the banks alone, they would have eaten each other and then stabilized. This would have happened faster than the forced recovery by bailout. Market will take care of itself, people have to make money!

    I look for some of the Brady stuff to come back but I don't think we are going to end up another Great Britain. People with guns that shoot 10 shots or less will be unaffected and the others will have to wait it out for another switch in administrations. It's the American Game and we are going to live in it. Is this right under the 2d Amendment, certainly not, but it is reality. I will continue to pay my NRA dues and try to elect gun-friendly reps, but that is really all any of us can do.
    Retired Marine, Retired School Teacher, Independent voter, Goldwater Conservative.

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    my local walmart

    I have been checking two or three times a week for about 1-1/2 months. They were getting low on 40 caliber last week, someone bought the 250 round jumbo box of UMC about two weeks ago.
    They still had quite a lot of 9mm and 40 Cal in blazer brass but have been low or out of winchester.

    They have been out of 38 special for a month, I bought the last box of 100 then.

    Last night they had two boxes of WWB 100 count in 38 special, some 45 and a little more 40 cal and 9mm. Still far from full display case, but its getting better.

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    The only 9mm mine had two days ago was a few boxes of blazer. Wait it out I guess.

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    I just went into my local WM and they had a nice supply of WWB in 9mm. The counter girl said it came in last night and it ends up being WWB one week and Remington the next.

    I didnt need it really but I bought a 100 count box..

    Most of the other stuff was sold out but the WWB in all calibers was there.

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    One of my local Wally Worlds had plenty of 9mm Blazer Brass today so I picked up some of course. Same low price of $8.97 per 50ct box.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ram Rod View Post
    One of my local Wally Worlds had plenty of 9mm Blazer Brass today so I picked up some of course. Same low price of $8.97 per 50ct box.
    Yeah, I've actually been finding a bunch of Blazer Brass lately. I haven't seen WWB for a while. At $8.97 a box, I'll keep buying up the Blazer Brass. I haven't shot any yet though. Hopefully my PM9 eats it as well as WWB.

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    Haven't seen any of the Blazer around here, but everything is available in WWB, overall stock is higher now than it has been for the last few months.

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    Bought 1000 rounds of WWB at Walmart yesterday but that did clean out their stock of 9mm. No 38 SPL . They did have a ton .40 though. I think I'll just keep checking weekly.

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    I work for Wal*Mart, and I can tell you that we will be getting and keeping ammunition in stock, as best as we can.

    The problem is that the gun industry is seeing a "run" on pretty much everything.

    Our Warehousing is getting what it can, and it is trickling out to stores. Unfortunately, the demand far outweighs the supply. This is not a Wal*mart issue, it's supply and demand.

    Now, I'm sure you are saying, "But Billy Bob's Sport's Shop has it!" Yes, and Billy Bob paid a premium price for it too. Wal*Mart is not going to buy at a higher mark, and price themselves out of the market, like Billy Bob did.

    I want ammo myself, and I'm willing to wait a bit to get it, without a 20% price jump...

    Keep checking back, and make sure you mention to someone on the Management Team that you are waiting to buy. It is possible for a store to make the decision to drop ammo, guns, pet fish, NASCAR stuff, or anything that's not at the core business of a Wal*Mart, so the store needs to know that the local customers WANT the ammo back in stock, and will buy it.

    I buy every box of Blazer Brass 45 we get, and will likely also start to buy the WWB 45 too, once it's back in stock. I don't care for the green and white box Remington stuff. That's the dirtiest shooting ammo I've experiences short of rimfire... The last 100 I shot had powder residue up in my XD all the way back to the striker. I have no idea how it got so far back.

    Don't worry folks, everything will be OK...
    Washington Post 06/28/2010 re: Supreme Court Decision
    "The court's decision means that the enigmatically worded Second Amendment... identifies an individual right to gun ownership, like the freedom of speech, that cannot be unduly restricted by Congress, state laws or city ordinances. "

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wasabi View Post
    Yeah, I've actually been finding a bunch of Blazer Brass lately. I haven't seen WWB for a while. At $8.97 a box, I'll keep buying up the Blazer Brass. I haven't shot any yet though. Hopefully my PM9 eats it as well as WWB.
    A couple weeks ago when I bought my WM's last two boxes of 40 S&W WWB, they had a pretty good stockpile of BB 40 but it was all 180 gr. and I don't shoot 180 or I probably would have bought everything they had sitting out at 9.97 a box.

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    My local Walmart is almost out of ammo.....I didn't ask whether they were restocking anytime soon.
    USAF: Loving Our Obscene Amenities Since 1947

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    Went to two Sprawl-Marts today. Very little left of anything. I did managed to get a hold of 500 rds of .40. An employee showed me a memo that they had received saying (I am paraphrasing here), "Due to the fear of higher taxes and regulations/restrictions they (the manufacturers) have not been able to keep up with the demand for ammo. As the "scare" diminishes product levels should return to normal in the stores."

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    The Walmart I went in today had pretty bare shelves in the ammo department. Gander on the other hand had piles of Blazer Brass 9mm for the mere price of 14.99 per box. Wonder why it wasn't selling.
    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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