Best Combo for Taurus Judge

Best Combo for Taurus Judge

This is a discussion on Best Combo for Taurus Judge within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I can't help but consider the purchase of a Taurus Judge. Provides some of the advantages of a shot shell pattern at close range with ...

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    Best Combo for Taurus Judge

    I can't help but consider the purchase of a Taurus Judge. Provides some of the advantages of a shot shell pattern at close range with the advantages of navigating tight corners in a house with a pistol. I think I would use it as my downstairs hidden / stash away firearm.

    Some Thoughts:

    Those who whould prefer the 45LC over the .410 for home SD are missing the point IMO.

    Sometime people state the .45LC would be a better round than the .410 for the Judge. I've never understood the reason. I can understand why someone would want a DA option revolver for SD, however, I believe there are other .45LC double action revolvers that would fit the roll better. That is assuming .45LC would even be the round of choice for home SD. So, if you prefer the .45LC over the .410, then you should really just state you would not use a Judge. What would be the advantage of a Taurus Judge design if you did not take advantage of the .410 option?

    The .45LC option is a nice for the Taurus Judge. It allows the firearm to be a good trail gun (though I think I would rather have a .44 Mag). However, the piont is the versatility. I don't think a Taurus Judge would be my choice for a CC (well, outside of a business, office, or shop). I think there are far better candidates for the EDC.

    Some Questions:

    I would think for home SD, for the Judge, .410 would be the way to go.

    Q:What would be the advantage of a Taurus Judge design if you did not take advantage of the .410 option?

    Q: I have read on some forums, that people alternate. Is this a good idea?

    I sometimes stack a few FMJ toward the end of the Mag, or alternate if I'm headed out into the woods, but that is easy with a semi-auto. Stacking in a revolver tends to be a little tedious. How would you keep track in the middle of a fire fight? There is a greater difference between a .410 and .45LC then a hollow point and FMJ.

    Q: What combo would you go with? .410, .45LC, .410, .45LC, .410? .410, .410, .410, .45LC, .45LC? .45LC, .45LC, .410, .410, .410? .45LC, 410, .410, .410, .45LC? Etc.

    Q: I have heard some alternating .410 OOO with .410 Slug. Can the Judge shoot .410 Slug? If it can, has anyone shot it, and what are your thoughts?

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    Unless in a stressful situation you can remember which round is next I would stay with one or the other. Alternating may create a disadvantage when you get to a round you don't really want to be next in line. Myself for home defense would stay with the .410 for the shotgun round without the shotgun length. JMO
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    I'd do some penetration tests with different loads at different ranges before I carried .410 at all. You might be very disappointed. You are shooting a low powered load out of virtually NO barrel. Shotguns need some tube.
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    The 410 round makes point shooting easier. And would work well for head shots.

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    The best link I have found:
    The Box O' Truth #41 - The Taurus Judge Vs. The Box O' Truth - Page 1

    It shoots .45 Colt because it has to, otherwise it would be an NFA firearm. That round has to make a long jump in the cylinder to a short section of rifling. A recipe for bad accuracy. Cheapest practice ammo at ATG, $27.95 Cheapest practice ammo in .45ACP, $17.49

    Federal had some new .410 loads in their PD line at SHOT, a #4 and a 000 buck. Might be worth looking at when they are available.
    Federal Premium - Shotshell Details

    I have never been a fan of mixing ammo in a mag or cylinder, sometimes known as "Dutch Loading". No agency or organization I know of authorizes the practice. If it worked, I imagine someone would approve it.


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