Ammo for new XD subcompact 9mm?

Ammo for new XD subcompact 9mm?

This is a discussion on Ammo for new XD subcompact 9mm? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I would like to get a lot of practice in with the gun. The CCI Blazer ammo (aluminum case) seems like one the best prices ...

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Thread: Ammo for new XD subcompact 9mm?

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    Ammo for new XD subcompact 9mm?

    I would like to get a lot of practice in with the gun. The CCI Blazer ammo (aluminum case) seems like one the best prices I can find. Is the aluminum case stuff ok to use?

    I've seem somewhere that 9mm defensive ammo JHP should exceed 124grain...with 115grain being the preferred. That's fine with me, so I'll look to buy 115grain FMJ for practice. If anyone knows a practive ammo I should use better that CCI Blazer (and of low cost), can you let me know?

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    The XD 9 SC will eat just about anything you feed it including the aluminum cased blazer (just don't try to reload it). For practice go with whatever is cheapest that your gun will eat.

    As for the best weight for SD ammo to carry,,, get ready for a bunch of different answers. Everyone has an opinion on this, including me. Look at it as a math formula mass + velocity = penetration. If you reduce the mass you need to increase the velocity for the same penetration, or you could increase the mass and reduce the velocity. The ideal circumstance would be to increase both, but that causes another problem - recoil/muzzle flip. In a smaller gun this could be a problem and is subjective and depends on the shooter. The lighter weights you mentioned are a good compromise for a smaller gun. I prefer the 147 grn +P (HST's of course), this will give you the mass and velocity. The only way to find out what's right for you is to get a box or two of the different weights and try them out. I have the same gun and have no problems shooting the heavier rounds in it, you may not like it and might prefer a lighter round. Good luck
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    It'll eat anything with 9mm stamped on the bottom of the case. I wouldn't constantly use +p personally.

    Short Barrel ammo data

    I have chosen 147 gr Speer Gold Dot hollow point based largely on data here.
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    I've not found a 9mm cartridge that either of my XDs won't eat of any weight or design.

    I settled on Golden Saber 124gr +p good while ago as my 9mm SD ammo; local cops use it, plus up until the panic in November could get it from CTD cheaper than anywhere else in US, so built up a decent stock of it.

    - OS

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    I think you will find that your XD will feed most any ammo. As far as carry I use Corbon DPX 115 gr if I didn't have or wanted a less costly round I would go with the Federal HST 124 gr in my XDsc. But any of the major brands the HP loads in the 124-127 gr will work in my opinion. I also wouldn't use any 115 gr other than the DPX's. That is my thoughts on the HP carry loads.

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    never had any feed problems with my xds'. as far as range ammo, i get what ever is on sale at wal-mart and dicks sporting good. if i run out during a range trip i get the cheapest behind the counter. for hp's i'm a corbon guy, i use dpx line. never had a problem with those either.

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    The XD is like a revolver.... it will shoot about anything in the right caliber you can put in there. It's the one semi-auto gun that hasn't failed on any type of ammo I've put in there, any grain, etc.

    The others, all have one ammo or another they don't like.

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    In my XD-9-SC

    I shoot whatever is the cheapest at the range. This is generally Blazer Brass from Walmart at $8.97 per box of 50. I have also shot a lot of Winchester White Box which is a little higher. Neither brand has ever had a failure in the XD, NEVER.

    For my daily carry ammo in the XD

    I'm currently carrying Speer 124gr+P GDHP Short Barrel Hollow Point. I just got in today two 50ct boxes of Winchester 147gr+P Bonded JHP Law Enforcement Ammo that I'm going to try out just as soon as I get a chance to go to the range for some testing. Member & Volunteer Forum Poster

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    I have never had a failure with any ammo from any of my XD's, so go with the cheapest for practice.

    FYI, I use Winchester Ranger 115 gr. +P+ for carry.
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