The Old .380 vs .38spl

The Old .380 vs .38spl

This is a discussion on The Old .380 vs .38spl within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Thinking of adding to the collection but not sure if I want a light weight alloy 5 shot .38spl revolver (like Taurus) or maybe a ...

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Thread: The Old .380 vs .38spl

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    The Old .380 vs .38spl

    Thinking of adding to the collection but not sure if I want a light weight alloy 5 shot .38spl revolver (like Taurus) or maybe a one of the new .380s (LCP or P380) It's for carrying.

    What say you?...
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnsonabq View Post
    What say you?...
    I say

    While both are closed, they still offer good info.

    FWIW, I prefer the pocket .380s over my J-frame, it just easier for me to get out of the pocket.

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    Me, I wouldn't want to get shot by either one.......

    It's a lot about personal preference. I prefer revo's for my small back hideaways. Research, and take your best bet. Try if you can before you buy and see what you shoot best.
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    search the site lots of good info. then i would look at the s&w j-frame and/or the kel tec p3at.
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    I've never found a small auto that was as unfailingly reliable as a J-frame sized revolver. Given that experience, I'd always go with .38 Special because of the platform. Even discounting the platform though, I have a lot more respect for the .38 Special as a defensive chambering than the .380ACP. It throws a heavier bullet at an equal or higher velocity and has much better load availability than the .380ACP. Besides, for a handloader like me, its a lot more fun to handload for the .38 Special.

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    I have owned and carried both, and still have some really small semis that I like. But I just plain shoot my 642 a whole heck of a lot better - just fits my hand and is more accurate at some distance. So it has become my default pocket gun when I need to carry something small.

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    I don't want to get into the actual 38 spl. - 380 debate, but if you don't have S&W J frame 5 shot, well.........that's just wrong. Absolutely can't go wrong there.

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    I prefer the small revolver. I like the S&W J-Frames though.

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    I was an LEO for over 32 years (recently retired).. I saw a whole lot of people that were shot dead by 380s and most of it was FMJ. Hornady has the new Critical Defense ammuntion available in 380 and it looks like it works very well. I'd go with that.
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    My wife has a S&W airweight .38 and a S&W .357 scandium; she says "5 for sure".
    I have a tendency to prefer semi-autos. But 9mm is my thing.

    Numberwise the .38 especially +P beats the .380 every time and you can find ammo anywhere in the sticks.
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    Like several people in the threads above, I looked at the options and avoided the whole question ... I went with a PM9 shooting +P. Best of all worlds.

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