First, Corbon makes excellent ammo, and is a very good choice. Actually, all of the major manufacturers make ma quality product, so you can feel safe with Corbon, Federal, Speer, etc. As far as bullet weights, I tend to go for the 124, followed by the 155 gr. But, once again, all of it is ammunition that you don't want to be shot with. Myself, I tend to use (when I have a choice), either the Corbon Pow'rball, or the Federal EPMJ (Expanding Point Full Metal Jacket). There was a study showing that sometimes, regular hollow point ammunition can become "plugged" by heavy clothing, impeding expansion. The pow'rball ammunition has a plastic ball which fills the hollow point. When the bullet strikes, the ball is pushed back into the hollow point, ensuring expansion. The Federal EPFMJ is similar. The bullet looks alot like a semiwadcutter. The plastic ball is underneath a small covering, and on impact, is also forced back into the hollow point, and again, expansion is assured. I have much more here in the Federal, because when I have the money (and the ammo is available), I tend to buy in case lots. and I've been able to buy the EPMJ in case lots from Unfortunately, he's been sold out of most ammo for months, and I was laid off 12'31. So, my ammo buying has been curtailed.