Glaser Pow'R Ball 165gr +P in .45

Glaser Pow'R Ball 165gr +P in .45

This is a discussion on Glaser Pow'R Ball 165gr +P in .45 within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Have a Para Slim Hawg, would like to use this round, but not sure about the +P. Anybody used this round?...

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Thread: Glaser Pow'R Ball 165gr +P in .45

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    Glaser Pow'R Ball 165gr +P in .45

    Have a Para Slim Hawg, would like to use this round, but not sure about the +P. Anybody used this round?

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    I think you're wasting way too much of the .45's main power...the ability to effectively deliver a 230gr JHP.
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    I shot some from a revolver and they were devastating on rotten stumps when other ammo just made holes.

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    Ultimate answer will be to try some and see if they cycle well. I'm afraid I'm with AZ though and prefer weight over velocity.
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    I carry it in a Kimber Tactical Ultra II and it shoots great. I like the round nose considering the fairly upright feed ramps of a 1911. Bullet weight has less meaning to me than zero FTF plus significant energy transfer. Since kinetic energy is 1/2 M(V)square I'd rather have the velocity especially out of a short barrel. I carry 230 gr Golden Saber and Hornady TAP in +P also and have no doubts that any one of these three rounds will do the job. I think any new 45 ACP by a respected manufacturer will handle +P just fine. A steady diet of it may shorten the life of the gun but if you are rich enough to shoot that ammo for constant target practice, you can certainly afford to replace the pistol when you shoot it out.
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    A local gun shop/range is owned by four cops, one of them swears by this ammo. I have not used it myself though.

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    I carry a Kimber 3" and the short throw of the action makes them notorius for being jam o matics with hollowpoint rounds although they feed FMJ great.

    After I found that Golden Sabre, Hornady and all the other hollowpoints were not reliable I stopped carrying it because I didn't want to risk collateral damage to my customers with FMJ and I didnt like the idea of it being a laser guided rock for me to throw when the hollowpoints wouldn't feed.

    When I found the PowRBall's I liked the concept and bought a couple of hundred rounds to try out , I have not regretted the decision.

    I have yet to have one Fail to Feed or Fire, and at 10 yards they will rip one nice hole out of the target, they do well at greater distances too but freehand with my eyesight the results can vary .

    I also have some Kel-Tec 40's that I couldn't trust because of feed problems and when I tried the PowRBall's in them the problem went away also.

    They are Plus P rated, but I am sure if you talk to Para they will tell you the same thing Kimber and Ruger told me, they say that they can handle any factory loaded round, but do not want you using reloads.

    Overall I'm not sure if it is because of the shorter barrel's or the lower bullet weight but in my guns I haven't noticed any difference between shooting the PowRBall's or full weight FMJ's.

    I hope this info helps.

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    I usually carry a 230gr bullet in my Kimber Ultra without ever having a problem...but what ever works for you should be your answer. If you have great results in your own weapon, then that's what YOU should carry. YOU have to be able to trust the weapon carried to protect your life.
    I sometimes carry 185gr Gold Dots, but prefer the heavier grain projectile...both work.
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