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Browning pro40

This is a discussion on Browning pro40 within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; i am new to auto pistols. most of my hand gun shooting has been sixshooter guns. my question is i see many talking about if ...

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    Question Browning pro40

    i am new to auto pistols. most of my hand gun shooting has been sixshooter guns.
    my question is i see many talking about if your gun will take this or that ammo. is there a particular bullet choice for the hand gun auto pistols? , meaning some will some wont shoot it. before i go and buy ammo i would rather get heads up on what will and wont perform in my personal choice pistol . i have shot range winchester 165 beb in it and that shoots fine no mishaps as of yet.but again this is all new to me and i rather not spend money on ammo i should not have . thank you for any responses .don

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    Welcome to the world of "bottomfeeders".

    The general rule of thumb is, shoot 500 Rounds of 'ball ammo to break in your pistol with cleaning every 100 - 200 Rounds. Then, with a clean fresh gun, run 200 Rounds of your chosen "carry ammo" through the gun. If that happens without a malfunction, clean it, load it and go.

    If you get a malfunction, for any reason during the "carry ammo" test, fix the problem, be it you, the gun or the ammo, and start again at Round 1/200. This gives you 700 Rounds through your new gun, at a minimum. That's good for training.

    I'm "breaking in" a Browning Hi Power right now for my daily off duty carry gun. I will finish "breaking it in" at a Shooting School. That way, I get training with my new gun, and have fun putting rounds downrange.

    Most new guns feed most ammo currently being manufactured, not like the 60's, 70's and 80's. You can however find some ammo that some guns don't like. That's why I like to run so many rounds through a gun before I trust it. With a Revolver I just put 100 - 200 Rounds of my carry ammo through it before I trust it.


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    Lightbulb Ammo Choice

    I have a FNP-40 and feeds any ammo i put in it just fine. I have found some ammo brands aren't as accurate though. it just depends on the gun. i found the best range ammo in my FNP is Magtech. For defense ammo i go with Winchester Elite PDX-1. My wife just recently purchased a Bersa BP9CC and found out that she can't use American Eagle, Remington(Green Box), Winchester(White Box) or TulAmmo.
    The only range ammo she has found that feeds reliably is Magtech and Federal. Her choice for defense ammo is Hornady TAP. the best advise i can give is go buy an assortment of ammo when you go shooting and try them out. i would recommend buying at least two boxes of each brand and do some slow fire and rapid fire shooting. Hopefully this helps you.

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