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    Quote Originally Posted by scottc View Post
    I was looking at a website that said a 90 gr 357 sig travels at 1715 fps. Anyone else see that or know if that is true. I am pretty much set on a Glock 32 but was curious about this info.
    I even have some RCBD frangible for my G32 that is a 60 gr at 2410 fps (774 ft-lbs of energy). I don't carry this and just use it for fun but when I fire this off at the range, everyone backs up and comes to look. Any bullet leaving a pistol at that kind of speed has a distinctive sound, kinda like a rifle. I can only imagine what an attorney after your butt would do if he knew you used ammo like that, even on scum of the earth.
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    Congrats on your wife's new gun. My only CCW piece is a Sig Sauer P-226 in .357 SIG. I'm not trying to sound like a macho man, but I don't quite feel the recoil some people comment about. I think the .357 SIG round pushes back into your hand, while the .40 S&W or 9mm snaps the barrel up towards your nose. I feel like a wuss when I shoot my friend's XD-40 after shooting my .357 SIG. The think the SIG has going for it in my opinion is penetration, muzzle energy, range, and accuracy. Besides the price, I have no complaints about it. I load Winchester Ranger T's in mine FYI.
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    I started with a Browning Hi-Power (.40 S&W) & when I was finished it was a custom C&S .357 SIG Browning Hi-Power. I so much liked the caliber that I then converted a long-slide GLOCK .40 (G24) to a .357 SIG. With a little trigger-tuning & a red-dot sight, it's become my preferred long-distance coyote smacker when I'm out riding the fence-line on my four-wheeler. Yeah, the ammo is a little pricey, but it shoots as flat as I've ever enjoyed from an autoloading centerfire handgun.
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