I got a surprise at my local range today. I went in all set to teach some new shooters the basics with a couple boxes of Monarch .45 in the new Red Boxes. Unfortunately, the range flunky on duty told me all Monarch ammo had been banned from their range because it had caused several kabooms! So, I had to buy 2 boxes of Blazers from them ($21/box for Al-cased Blazer ).

I've always had good success with Monarch's rifle ammo. Sure, it's not the most accurate, and it's kinda dirty, but I've never had a malfunction with it, much less a kaboom. Has anyone heard of this? Should I be hesitant to shoot all this .45 I now have at a different range?

Oh, and the new shooters had a blast. One of them fell in love with my 1911, and the other went from never having shot a gun in her life to being a darn good shot with my P22.