Defensive Ammo - Kahr PM9?

Defensive Ammo - Kahr PM9?

This is a discussion on Defensive Ammo - Kahr PM9? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I recently purchased a Kahr PM9 and have so far run about 400 rounds of target ammo through it without a hitch (mostly Remington UMC ...

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Thread: Defensive Ammo - Kahr PM9?

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    Defensive Ammo - Kahr PM9?

    I recently purchased a Kahr PM9 and have so far run about 400 rounds of target ammo through it without a hitch (mostly Remington UMC and Winchester). I am looking for recommendations on what SD ammo to feed this little gun. I would be especially interested in finding out from those of you out there who own the PM9, what ammo have you found the PM9 likes best, or if there is anything I should stay away from.
    BTW, I have actually had a hard time finding any place that even has SD rounds in stock. My local gun store guy tells me he is having a hard time getting 9mm SD ammo. I don't really want to do business with a certain well-known gun store in Indy because they want to charge 40 bucks for a box of 124 gr. Hydra Shoks (20 rds). It looks like I am going to have to go online if I want to find any that isn't marked up 100%.

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    Mine loves the Gold Dot 124g +P short barrel load. Accurate and feed great!
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    +1 on the Gold Dot short barrel, mine also feeds the Federal HST without a hitch. I wouldn't hesitate to carry any modern HP round in my PM9 though, as I believe shot placement is far more important than the brand of bullet. All thing being equal, a modern hollow point should provide more "stopping power" than an fmj, but a couple fmj's COM are far better than the best HP that misses vital organs.

    Good luck finding any, let alone at a reasonable price though!
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    My PM9 has digested every hollow point I've put through it.

    Factory has included Speers Gold Dot in both 115 and 124. Corbon in both 115 and 125 JHP. WWB 115 HP. Remington 115 Golden Sabre. Winchester 127 +p+ JHP.

    I've run handloads using Sierra 115 JHP, Speer 115 JHP, Win 115 JHP, 124 Gold Dots, and Berrys 124 HP. These hollowpoints have been loaded at 1.060, 1.070, 1.080, 1.090 and up to 1.125 on the Gold Dot and Berry's. Fed them all regardless of length. The only pistol I could make choke was my XD9sc, which doesn't like the Berry's loaded longer than 1.085... but the straight feed magazine on the PM9 seems to feed whatever I can fit in the magazine.

    Right now my PM9 and extra mags is stuffed with Corbon 125 JHP's. I found they have less muzzle flash than some other brands... and the price was right.

    (In case you're wondering... I got lucky at a garage sell and found lots of 9mm bullets that allowed me to experiment with the above for almost nothing)

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    Just purchased a Kahr PM9 as well, in fact it should be in this coming Monday. I ran into the same problem you did with trying to ascertain ammo. I ended up ordering online. I was needing regular FMJ anyways, so I combined my order with my defensive ammo to make the shipping worthwhile. My Winchester White Box FMJ is backordered about 1-2 weeks, but the 115 grain Speer Gold Dot I ordered should be in sometime this next week.
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    I plan to shoot federal hst 147grn in mine. I use the same ammo in my xd. I had to order mine online.

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    I have the Kahr PM9 and love it. I did have feed issues from hand racking with Federal HST 145gr. No problems with anything else and even those 145gr worked flawlessly if loaded from battery. It digests 124gr anything. Shoots really well and I am really pleased with the weapon despite many negative comments about it. I carry it in a Milt Sparks VM11 and it is great. I Forget that I have it on. As for where to get ammo. Join the crowd. Hard to come by especially in Self defense cartridges.

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    Lot's of good ammo but Gold Dots work well and are reasonably priced.

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    Since Kahrs are made by the Moonies, I would guess that any ammunition that has been blessed by reverend Sun Myung Moon would work the best.
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