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Hot deal on .380 FMJ at CTD

This is a discussion on Hot deal on .380 FMJ at CTD within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Wholly crap. I thought this was a fake doctored up page, then I went to CTD... Even though I saw it with my own eyes ...

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Thread: Hot deal on .380 FMJ at CTD

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    Wholly crap. I thought this was a fake doctored up page, then I went to CTD... Even though I saw it with my own eyes I don't believe it...
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    There was not no revews as of last night I wrote a nice one telling them that tte aluminum cassing are POS & my post should be first but they put bogus posts up theirs
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    Hah! I left a review asking if this was an April fools joke. We'll see if that one gets posted.

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    I wrote to CTD and told them how they have lost a customer, and how they are only hurting and taking advantage of honest, gun owning Americans.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blinkstafoo1 View Post
    I wrote to CTD and told them how they have lost a customer, and how they are only hurting and taking advantage of honest, gun owning Americans.
    I did the same thing last night. So far no response other than raising the price of the Blazer .380 50ct. by $10

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    What comes around......

    There are plenty of other online sources for ammo.
    I would rather (and have) backorder some from Cabela's (or wherever) at typical / normal prices and wait a few weeks than be gouged.
    I do not "have to" shoot 380, plus I have a few boxes saved back.
    I will remember how CTD absurdly inflated this price when I'm shopping for ammo (and other stuff) in the future.

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    CTD has great deals on some stuff (other than ammo) and I have had nothing but praise from their surplus products. Even left honest feedback that was posted.

    Good thing I DONT and never have bought ammo from them. Too expensive
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    well they have moved into the "i will not buy from them again" boat. there are several local gun stores that also have been put into the same boat because of their new high priceing of guns, ammo and reloading supplies.
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    These guys can gouge all they want now. I suspect most of us on here will have long memories and those greedy buggers won't get any future business from us.

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    I will never buy from them again. Oh wait, I only bought from them once. I sent it all back too.

    Nope, they are taking advantage. They know it and so do we.

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    Apparently, there were some folks in desperate need of 380 ammo as the page now shows out of stock.

    I don't know what's flying off the shelves faster, ammo or common sense.

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    That must be really special ammo. By the way, Winchester is getting ready to ship about 200,000 rounds of 380 acp white box - and I have seen about 500,000 primers move this past week. This tells me that some of the manufacturers are starting to get orders filled. We may start to see some real inventory this month if everybody doesn't go crazy grabbing it up.

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    The only 380 CTD has is stock now are blanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulJ View Post
    The only 380 CTD has is stock now are blanks.
    yeah, and the ones pictured in the above posts don't even appear??

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    I know that Wal-Mart has been getting a bad rep lately for not having stock on enough ammo to go around, but at lease there prices have not gone up by even a penny on the ammunition these last few months.

    I have at least 5 Wal-Mart Super Centers in my area and call often to get stocking updates. There have been a number of times that I have gotten the only box of ammo that arrived on their delivery truck.

    The real story about Wal-Mart ammo pricing is that it shows that the manufacturers are not raising prices... It is the rest of the supply chain and retailers that are taking advantage of this situation.

    +1 for Wal-Mart not gouging on ammo prices.
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