Corbon bullet length

Corbon bullet length

This is a discussion on Corbon bullet length within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have heard a bunch of good things about corbon 9mm 115gr +p JHP, so i picked up a couple boxes. I noticed the corbon ...

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Thread: Corbon bullet length

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    Corbon bullet length

    I have heard a bunch of good things about corbon 9mm 115gr +p JHP, so i picked up a couple boxes. I noticed the corbon bullet is a lot shorter than most 9mm rounds i have seen. Please excuse the newbish question, but will the shorter bullet compromise the round's performance/stopping power?

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    The 9 mm CorBon consistently fails to feed in my G-26 because the length of the round. The nose of the bullet jams on the bottom of the feed ramp.
    I ended giving the 2 boxes I had to a friend.
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    Corbon's performance is well documented and I seriously doubt it will fail to preform but... it has to function in your weapon reliably first!

    I carry Corbon DPX in my SIG P-220 and it feeds them very well but I carry Federal HSTs in my 1911s.

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    Corbon makes a wide variety of ammunition.
    Which make is being referred to here?

    The Corbon 'DPX' bullet in specific is normally longer than typical JHP bullets of a given chambering of other makes and manufactures.
    It is both seated further back in most cases and it's as measured case bottom to bullet tip/nose length is slightly and minorly longer than most.
    Additionally the bullets profile is slightly shallower, and this is immediately noticeable in hand, than comparable JHP rounds of a given chambering. It's circumference at the midline and forward is shallower than most others.

    Most reports are that the bullet feeds well and even more easily than average bullet profile rounds. But as with anything else YMMV and as such this is why it's _critical_ with defense purpose ammo to test the ammo in the gun(s) that you might depend on for proper function _before_ depending on it be you at home or on the street. This applies to amy firearm while using any type of ammunition regardless of chambering, form factor, mfr. or whatever.

    I bought five boxes of the stuff per chambering to test and function test, before ultimately purchasing two more boxes in 9MM and .45 ACP as graded by me and my own specific guns to be duty capable.

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