Ammo Burn Pattern

Ammo Burn Pattern

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Thread: Ammo Burn Pattern

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    Ammo Burn Pattern

    Guys I've got an odd problem for you. I've shot more than 1,000 rounds through my Bersa .380, with many different brands. However I always get a burn discoloration on the empty shells. What causes this? Is there something wrong with my gun?
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    No, it just happens; shoot Winclean might not happen.

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    Sorry, but I am confused. What is the problem? Is your pistol not functioning properly or are you just concerned about the brass being dirty after having been fired?

    If you are just concerned about the brass being dirty, well that is normal. The amount of residue left by the burned powder will vary depending on the type of powder used and how tight your chamber is, but there will almost always be some amount of burn residue.

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    You think thats bad you should see my friends shells out of his replica 1873 .45 colt. Turns the shells almost black over a third the case.

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    Blowback is caused by hard brass not allowing the case mouth to expand properly and seal the chamber all the way. This is why a lot of reloaders will anneal their brass after so many firings to return it to a more elastic state to seal. Of course annealing is somewhat of an art unto itself and you can also ruin cases and in extreme case make them dangerous.
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    It might have to do with the Thunder's blowback operation too. It cycles 100% on blowback, which means that as the spent case ejects it has a good deal of powder residue on it.

    I never paid much attention to the brass that my wife fires, but what you've pictured doesn't look insidious to me.
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    I don't see a want to see dirty? Wolf ammo.
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    I agree, I wouldn't worry about it. My 45 colt brass can look even dirtier..
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    don't look bad to me. it is just normal color of the brass after you fire the gun.
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