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Very expensive ammo!

This is a discussion on Very expensive ammo! within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by boscobeans Wheaties $3.99 a box for a few ounces of baked wheat mush? $2.50-$3.00 for a cup of coffee at a *bucks? ...

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Thread: Very expensive ammo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by boscobeans View Post
    Wheaties $3.99 a box for a few ounces of baked wheat mush?$2.50-$3.00 for a cup of coffee at a *bucks?
    $100+ for a pair of sneakers from China that cost $4 including shipping?

    It is what the market will bear.

    Just think for another $.80 you could have a whole bushel (60 lbs) of wheat around here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paul34 View Post
    Well, just keep in mind that given the supply/demand situation, the prices could be a lot worse than they are right now. The manufacturers seem to be artificially keeping prices low.
    I agree, it could be even worse.
    Can't blame them for making a buck, what are they supposed to give it away free?
    Invest the couple hundred bucks on reloading equipment and casting/lead supplies and you;ll be in so much better shape.
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    wallyworld in Raleigh NC had FMJ for 9mm at 9.62 a box

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    I have yet to find a Wally World in the Denver area (West side of town) with any ammo in stock .. they literally laugh when you ask. Gander has ratcheted up their prices and stock seems better at the Arvada store vs. Aurora .. but prices are are routinely ~15%+ higher than anywhere else ... when the other places actually have anything in stock.

    A recent example ... 1000 rounds of PMC 55 grain .223 = $419 at Green Mountain Guns and the same ammo was $499 at Gander. :-( I know these guys are likely worried about their future in light of our current administration ... but this is gouging .. IMHO. :-( FYI, I bought the same ammo from Green Mtn Gun back in November for $350 / 1000 rounds!

    I won't even touch any other ammo at Gander unless desperate .. even things like CCI Mini Mages are $2.50 / box higher at Gander. I did find good pricing on safes at Gander compared to others .. FWIW.
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