Hollow points ineffective?

Hollow points ineffective?

This is a discussion on Hollow points ineffective? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hey all! I've had my Indiana LTCH for about a month now, and have some conflicting information that I hope somebody can clarify. I have ...

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Thread: Hollow points ineffective?

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    Hollow points ineffective?

    Hey all! I've had my Indiana LTCH for about a month now, and have some conflicting information that I hope somebody can clarify. I have been told that Makarov rounds, which are 9x18 (and .380 ACP rounds, which is 9x17 Kurz) don't pack the power to properly mushroom a hollow point round and shouldn't be used. My problem is that I'd hate to fire a FMJ at a bad guy and have the bloody thing go though and through into my neighbors house or something. Your thoughts?

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    The Box O' Truth #26 - Little Guns vs. The Box O' Truth - Page 1

    Check pages two and three. Those rounds are the minimum I would carry, but keep in mind if you shoot someone with a hollowpoint ant it doesn't expand, you pretty much have a FMJ anyways, so if the HP loads reliably, why not just stick with it?
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    You might want to check these out:


    .380 ACP Ammunition Performance Data
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    Modern FMJs do their job for the most part. Even if they don't mushroom, they are likely to cause a bit more damage than a FMJ (given the same penetration) because the smooth round nose of FMJs can slip more easily between tissues, where the opening of a HP might snag more, ripping stuff opn. Worst case: The JHP doesn't mushroom and acts like a FMJ....but it might mushroom.
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    Well, it depends on a lot of things...manufacturer, barrel length, what it hits...etc.

    Either way, lets assume you use a hollowpoint and it does not mushroom...You now have a FMJ. You sacrifice nothing, and possibly gain a larger wound cavity.

    For what it's worth, my LCP .380 enjoys a diet of Hornady TAP, and I wouldn't want to get hit by it.
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    I have to second what everyone has said here.

    If a HP doesn't expand then it is just like a FMJ
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