.357sig Vs .357mag

.357sig Vs .357mag

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Thread: .357sig Vs .357mag

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    .357sig Vs .357mag

    How do they really compare?
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    I have both but I'm sure there is someone out there better equiped to explain the ballistics than me. What I can tell you is that shooting the .357 Sig isn't that much different than 9mm +P+ to me. Maybe a little snappier and a little louder, whereas the .357 mag seems to be substantially louder , have a larger flash and has a more noticeable recoil. Just my opinion.

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    The .357 Magnum can throw heavier bullets faster.
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    .357 mag has the power advantage, and a greater selection of bullet weights.
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    357 Sig Vs 357 Mag, same bullet weight.
    Chronographed velocities:
    Glock 32: Glod Dot 125 gr. @ 1,334
    Glock 33: Gold Dot 125 gr. @ 1,315

    Ruger Speed Six 357 Mag (3'' barrel) Fed. 125 gr. @ 1,248

    The Glocks are quicker with follow up shots as a bonus.

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    How do they compare for what? Self defense loads, bullet options, size of weapon for concealed carry, availability of hunting loads?

    .357 mag, very large range of bullet options, from light weight to very heave lead, jhp, jsp, lead, wadcutter, fmj, and a whole range of load possibilities from a lowly .38sp type up to 800 ft lbs of energy or over depending on the firearm your shooting it out of. Additionally, most any place that sells ammo you can get something to put in the cylinder, meaning most likely it will come in the form of a wheel gun.

    .357 sig, lots less variety of bullet types, weights and availablity. Larger capacity weapon, lower energy capability, probably 600 ft lbs max, and probably not many guns will stand lots of those high end rounds.

    If your looking for strictly a self defense gun for every day carry, you might want to look more closely at the .357 sig.

    If you want what some might consider the best all around caliber in a handgun, and most versatile you might want to look more closely at the .357 mag.
    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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    I'd have to give the edge on kinetic energy to the 357 mag but I really don't like to shoot them in my Taurus 606 (nice heavy steel snubnose revolver) even with it's ported barrel, so it usually lives with 38 +P+'s in it. But for self defense outside the house (and inside too), my G32 with 14 (13+1) rounds of Double Tap 125gr or Corbon 125gr is a favorite. If I only cared about KE I'd carry a 454 Casull but that is only part of the equation, and as long as I'm shooting something with 400 ft-lbs or so of muzzle energy, it is way down the list on my equation.
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    I read somewhere, be it shotgun news, american rifleman or guns and ammo that the makers of the 357 Sig were looking to bump up the performance of the 9mm luger's slug. They necked down a 40 S&W to accomidate the 9mm slug and the results are quite nice!

    As it compares to a 357 mag, when using lighter slugs they are basically the same which is an accomplishment but when heavier slugs are used the 357 mag pulls ahead.

    For a automatic the 357 sig is great since I only know of one semi that chambers the 357 mag which is the dessert eagle where as most handguns in the 357 mag chambering are revolvers.
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