Should stores ration ammo sales?

Should stores ration ammo sales?

This is a discussion on Should stores ration ammo sales? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; With the ammo shortage and so many stories of stores being wiped out by one buyer, should stores start implementing a rationing of ammo? I ...

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Thread: Should stores ration ammo sales?

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    Should stores ration ammo sales?

    With the ammo shortage and so many stories of stores being wiped out by one buyer, should stores start implementing a rationing of ammo? I have seen this before with other items. Limit of 4 per customer is a common practice for sale items.
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    I'll vote no. Stores should not limit sales of ammunition, or ration it. For what purpose? Stores are to make long as it sells, why should anyone be concerned with where it goes or who gets it? We can't make a perfect's too late for that.

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    Not when I'm buying.
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    No, it's the capitalistic way...

    OMO, but plan ahead!
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    Local gun shop has a sign that says: limit one box of ammo.

    Some boxes only have 20 rounds, while some Remington and Winchester loads come in boxes of 100.

    I'm thinking, if a customer buys the 100 round box isn't that like getting 5 of the 20 round boxes?

    Wait... that box is a 250 round "value pack"

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    Due to the difficulty in getting ammo, I vote yes it should be limited. That keeps someone from buying it all and reselling, and from hoarders who seem to think that they need 10,000 rounds of each ammo for their guns.

    I don't mind sharing with others who might need it more than I do.

    Do we consider other gun owners as part of a family until it comes to ammunition?


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    The only reason I say yes is because of the profiteering that is going on.

    I don't mind the tinfoil hats and the hoarders buying up.

    I hate the people who are buying, marking up the price to astronimical, and then reselling saying beat the shortage while you can before (insert some myth or far flung agenda, bill, or whatever) gets passed.

    Those are the people who are doing more to fuel the shortage than the honest sellers and buyers.

    When I worked in the building materials busines, we limited purchasing of plywood when some hurricane or other disaster was getting ready to hit. This was to stop profiteers from buying us out and then reselling it at outrageous prices to desperate citizens who needed it to protect their homes.
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    I voted yes. I think it is the only way to keep these azzhat dealers from buying it all and selling it too high and putting it on auction sites.

    However, if people would simply refuse to buy inflated ammo it would accomplish teh same goal.
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    Rationing is what keeps second party sellers from setting an unfair market price for those unable to beat them there.
    I know not what this "overkill" means.

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    These crazy prices should eventually cause self induced rationing. Just think how the hoarders will feel if the price of ammo goes back down. I'm not against stocking up, I always used to buy a case at a time, but not more than I am realistically going to use, and not at today's prices!
    Rationing is easy to get around but these prices make shooting for fun and practice difficult for many people. The range I shoot at is already rationing just so they can keep the range going.
    I would have to vote no, hopefully this "frenzy" will run it's course once hoarders realize they are playing right into the hands of the gougers. (No offense intended.)

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    I don't really care.
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    We worked so hard during the cold war only to question the fundamentals of Capitalism now?

    Most everyone is a reseller. There are only maybe a dozen US ammo manufactures that have any real volume. Everyone else is a reseller that marks the price up. Why are people complaining so much?

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    if a store does it... it may get many to do it.

    And when enough do it... it may give the government ideas to do it - for the good of the people.

    Each person needs to decide how much is too much... draw a line in the virtual sand... and stick to it.

    But let the "buyer" dictate such things.

    If you know of a reseller doing what has been described here... don't buy from them.

    And then work at buying the ammo from their source.

    Or would you prefer to have the Gov ration ammo?

    That's the obvious last step if we allow the first one... long enough.
    “We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm” - George Orwell

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    They should just raise prices. As it becomes more lucrative, the industry gets more players and more competitive. This is a short time of famine, but it's good for us in the long run, more choices, more ammo, better prices.

    Besides, you should feel silly if you are trying to prepare now. Hate to get biblical on you, but Joseph didn't gather the grain during the famine. Now's the time you should be living off your stores. When the prices go back down is when you stock back up.
    Crime should be outlawed.

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    YES! You know it's only fair....kinda "spread the wealth around", and all.


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