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Which is Better for CCW -- .40 or .357 SIG?

This is a discussion on Which is Better for CCW -- .40 or .357 SIG? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Thanks Tom! Quite a recommendation!...

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Thread: Which is Better for CCW -- .40 or .357 SIG?

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    Thanks Tom! Quite a recommendation!
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    Whichever platform YOU shoot best is the right one.

    My personal choice would be the .40.....theammo seems to be 'slightly' cheaper and more abundant. Both calibers would do you justice.
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    I understand the " cheaper" theory but I would practice with the same round that I'm using for EDC.

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    I like my Xd40.
    I can have the best of all worlds. It;s an easy/cheap conversion to 357sig or 9mm. Just buy barrels ($150ea) and magazines ($39).

    Right now I can find 40s&w at Wallyworld for $12.95; 357sig is $20+. There has been no 9mm ANYWHERE to be found for months.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ncglock View Post
    I understand the " cheaper" theory but I would practice with the same round that I'm using for EDC.
    That's another reason I like the 357SIG. Because it is a standard pressure cartridge, I can shoot less expensive semi-wad for practice, and it performs identically, or very nearly identically, to my premium defensive round. My defensive rounds are not noticeably hotter than my practice ammo - 1375fps for semi-wad vs 1450fps for JHP.
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    You already picked, but here's my .02 maybe .10

    I like the 40 and the 357 Sig (and the 45 acp & 45 GAP but that's another thread)

    The 40 has a slightly bigger bullet, I carry it if I'm in a bigger bullet mood. (I carry yhe 45 when I'm in a bigger, bigger bullet mood)

    The 357 Sig has higher muzzle velocity, KE, and slightly less recoil and supposedly the bottleneck cartrige is inherently more feed reliable (my 40 Glock & Kahr funuction flawlessly).

    The 357 Sig can (does) produce the same power (or more) as the 357 Mag. if the barrel length is comparable.

    Chrono results:
    Glock 27 (40) Gold Dot 155 gr. @ 1,134 = 442# KE
    Glock 33 (357 Sig) Gold Dot 125 gr. @ 1,315 = 480# KE

    Ruger Speed Six 357 MAG (3'' barrel) FED. 125 GR. (Full power) @1,248

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    My nearly constant companion and EDC is a G23 with a .357Sig barrel and G32 mags.
    The .357Sig has a stellar reputation for one-shot stops from the LE departments that use them, particularly in TX and VA.
    Glock 22, NS
    Glock 20, NS
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    You've already got the G23 and you're "cash strapped" so stick with it. It's a great gun (yes I'm biased). When you have the money then try a .357sig and if you like it, buy it. The most important thing is to "do your part."

    Personally, and others will disagree with me (no offense BillR), I think a carry gun should be kept stock (except night sights or laser). This is just to avoid possible hassles after the fact. IMHO. Sure you can add conversions to other calibers for whatever reason, that's cool. Have fun. Just remember, if you carry (for example) 180gr Gold Dots for SD, you need to still practice with 180gr FMJ so you know how that gun is going to shoot if you need it. That G23 is going to feel a lot different when you switch from 9mm 115gr to .40 180gr. When defending your life, try to keep the surprises down to a minimum.

    Just my 2 cents. Stay safe!
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    I'm one of the guys that has a P229 Sig with both a 40 and .357 Sig barrels. I'm also a .40 fan and really like the way it shoots. That said, when at the range a few months back I had to try the .357 Sig round. Was it louder than the .40? Oh yeah! Did it have more recoil? I thought so. Was it accurate? No it was accurate as hell!! 5 shot group at 10 yards measured just 3/4 inches. I was really impressed with this caliber.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Horseman04 View Post
    [*]Some LEOs switched from .40 to .357 because they were not happy with .40
    LE PDs switch calibers for a multitude of reasons: politics; for the appearance of "doing something" while not raising the training budget; as a ploy to get new guns.

    You'll notice that terminal ballistics is nowhere on that list.

    I will say that, for many loadings, .357 Sig is one of the best available rounds for penetrating auto glass. However this is a LE concern that really has no traction in the CCW world.

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    I've gone 357 Sig. It is the flatest shooting semi-auto round I've ever fired and if is is half as effective as the 357 Mag load it will be great. I have a Sig 229, 226, HK P2K, and Glock 32C in this caliber.

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    I like .40 my self over any caliber its a nice balance

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    Explantion of takedown power

    There is a formula used to calculate what is normally called a bulllet or cartridge power factor. Power Factor is calculated as: Bullet Weight Times Velocity divided by 1000. This is what he may have been thinking of as Takedown Power.
    I also have a Sig P226 with both 40 and 357 sig barrels. When carrying this gun I carry with 357 sig. I just like it better.

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