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Attention Walmart shoppers!!!

This is a discussion on Attention Walmart shoppers!!! within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by JAT40 Yep' stopped in the Bristol Ct store, only could buy 6 boxes of .38 special 100 count, this was on Thursday. ...

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Thread: Attention Walmart shoppers!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAT40 View Post
    Yep' stopped in the Bristol Ct store, only could buy 6 boxes of .38 special 100 count, this was on Thursday.
    Man, ypu mean you could only buy 600 rnds? My heart goes out to you lol... Sarcasim off.
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    They do not have these signs up at any of my local WM's. In fact, they are not rationing the ammo at all.

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    I might have to go for a cruise tonight and check my local stores.
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    good , maybe now I can get some cheap ammo
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    Still no pistol ammo at the Fayetteville area Wal-Marts!
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    I can't say I totally agree with the rationing, but it is working. The wife was able to score six boxes today and this is the first time they have had anything in close to three months. The last time she was there last week, some joker was there bragging about how he has scored more than 1000 cases since the onslaught began.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TucAzRider View Post
    I was at the gun show this weekend and some gun was selling "Blazer Brass 9mm" for $13 a box
    Same experience at a show in Dayton OH except the guy was extorting people to the tune of $35/box (9mm Blazer Brass 50 cnt). The saddest part was that people were actually paying it!

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    The only thing my local Wallys have are hunting rifle rounds and shotgun shells. Still no .40s. And I have 4 WW within 30-40 minutes of my house. I haven't seen and other pistol ammo either. Hopefully soon. I'm getting the itch to get out and practice. It's been a few months since I've been able to.

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    As I said in another thread I picked up 6 boxes a couple days ago at my local Walmart. Went back to day to see if they had anymore but they are out again. The had some random other calibers (a surprising number of .22LR) but no 9mm Parabellum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gotammo View Post
    Any walmart I go into doesn't have 6 boxes of ammo.
    Same here!
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    don't matter. the ones here don't have any ammo.
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    I can go into WalMart and buy 6 boxes of any oddball caliber I don't want or need. So what's the point of a limitation on hypothetical ammo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CRags99 View Post
    I'm getting the itch to get out and practice. It's been a few months since I've been able to.
    hee, hee,

    i went to the range yesterday for the first time in a month and burned it down with a new trigger on my 34 using ammo i bought at wallyworld over the last few weeks. pickins' are slim @ the WW ammo counter.

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    they haven't had restrictions on my closest WM until I went in last night and saw the sign....I got the last 550ct .22lr they had and 5 boxes of 30-30 since thats the only handgun/rifle ammo they had which I have firearms for

    sign says in order to serve as many customers as possible they are limiting the purchase of handgun/rifle ammo to 6 items per customer per day
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