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    Virgin Post

    Just joined the forum, so this is my first post. I have a Springfield XD 9 SC. What type of ammo should I use for the range? What type for defensive carry? What manufacturers? I'm a born again newb, having not fired a pistol in a number of years. Scheduled to take the CWP class next week.

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    Welcome to D.C.

    I prefer 115 grain full metal jacket Winchester, Remmington, or Federal (American Eagle).

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    For the range I shoot what's cheap. If it has a mildly bad reputation for not going boom that's even better. More malfunction drills.

    For SD I like 124gr in the 9mm. Never a hiccup when I had an XD9 (or my Kahr's for that matter).
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    As for ammo, don't forget to practice with your carry ammo to mke sure you know if there is any difference between your range and carry ammo!

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    Welcome to DC! Try winchester white box or another cheap FMJ for the range. As far as SD ammo, there is a ton to choose from, speer goldots, corbon powerball or dpx, extreme shock, magtech JHP, wichester pdx1 is great from what i here, there are many more also.
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    Range- Whatevers cheap, (whatever you can find) usually FMJ

    Carry- Most modern hollow point rounds will get the job done, though if I carried 9mm, Id go for either Corbon DPX +P, Federal HST +P, or Speer Gold Dot +P

    Welcome from Washington!

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    My SD load is Hornady TAP 147gr. for all of my 9mm's. I just picked one a couple of years ago and stuck with it. Plus, the Academy down the road only stocks that and hydrashok. I use Hornady Critical Defense in my 380. If I could find some in 9mm, it might be my new carry round. Havent been able to find much testing on the 9mm Crit Def though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SiSiRider View Post
    I have a Springfield XD 9 SC. What type of ammo should I use for the range? What type for defensive carry? What manufacturers?
    Well, understand that your specific gun is going to have certain tolerances evident in how it behaves, just like any other gun. It will be slightly different than any other XD 9 you'll ever shoot, simply because of that. In the end, this might (or might not) affect the choice of the best ammo to use. Only you'll be able to find this out.

    I'm a bit retentive when it comes to finding suitable ammunition for my carry gun. I mean, it is something I might well end up relying on for my life. The last thing I want is to select something that sounds good in advertisements but that isn't worth goat spit when the chips are down.

    Data point: With my CZ P-01, my break in period (~1700 rds) was basically overlapped with an extended period of ammo selection/comparison. I shoved everything I could through it, with the specific goal of finding (a) the perfect carry round and (b) a suitable range round. My choices: DoubleTap JHP 124gr +P for carry; Remington UMC "yellow box" for the range.

    Over the course of the evaluations I did, it became evident that the longest (OAL) ammo operated the best in my specific P-01. Click on this link for a comparison between the two finalists: click.
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    For the range anything cheap, also a HST fan for carry.
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    Welcome to the forum!!

    Full Metal Jacket for practice and Jacketed Hollow Point for Personal Defense.

    Try the different grains and such and you'll find what you like. For me, they are all kinda the same.

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    With things the way they are today I would get whatever I could get. White box is great range ammo. I have seen SD ammo in a few places but it is marked up pretty high.

    Use the less expensive for range time but be sure what you carry for SD cycles well in your pistol. After breaking your pistol in with a few hundred practice rounds run a few boxes of SD through it.
    Any difference in accuracy should be noted but for the most part, SD will not be at distances that are critical within an inch or so.

    Good luck and welcome.


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    Nine (9) "Welcome" messages have been removed from this thread.

    This is not a new member welcome thread.

    The OP's intro thread can be found here:

    Please confine your replies to answering the OP's ammunition question.

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