Anyone use Hornady?

This is a discussion on Anyone use Hornady? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I discussions here we often talk about Speer, Federal, Remington and Winchester ammunition, but rarely does anyone mention Hornady. I've used Hornady rifle ammo but ...

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Thread: Anyone use Hornady?

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    Question Anyone use Hornady?

    I discussions here we often talk about Speer, Federal, Remington and Winchester ammunition, but rarely does anyone mention Hornady. I've used Hornady rifle ammo but never used Hornady handgun ammo. How does it stack up compared to the competition?
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    I carry Hornady TAP 9mm, 124gr. It has offered excellent reliability and accuracy. I think the XTP bullet is one of the best available. It is pricey though, but what quality ammo isn't.

    How does it stack up compared to the competition
    IMHO, any quality ammo that feeds well in your pistol is comparable. There are many choices that will perform as well as anyone needs to defend themselves. I'm not especially brand loyal. Hornady has always fed well, been consistent and has low flash.

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    In my AR-15, the Hornady V-Max 55gr was the most accurate round I found, of dozens tried. I could regularly put a couple/three through the same hole at 100yds.

    In pistols, I have no experience with the Hornady ammo.
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    I use the 110gr TAP 308 in my AR10 and it is the most accurate of any round I've tried. I love their light magnum rounds in my 700 CDL 30-06. I also use their 357SIG and 45 ACP rounds. I was pleasantly surprised two days ago when I picked up a couple of 20 round boxes of Hornady 357 SIG hollowpoints for $21 a box. Far cheaper than Corbon or anyone else from my experience. Never had any problem with feeding or reliability of Hornady ammo in my pistols or rifles.
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    Of the defensive handgun ammo I've tried (Cor-Bon, Hornady, Speer), my 1911 has an affinity for Hornady TAP. It's accurate, feeds reliably in my weapon, and has low flash. I can't ask for anything more in a handgun round.

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    both my EDC and my nightstand weapon have hornady in them right now. i've never had any issues with them in either and find them to be just as accurate as any other major brand.

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    I use Hornady alot.

    I like the XTP pistol rounds and use the AMAX in the .308 or '06 for a deer slayer.Its very accurate out to 1000 yards, one of the better designs for accuracy... from my gun anyway.

    The VMAX is great for coyotes and anything else small that you like to shoot, its all very accurate.
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    I carry 230gr +P Hornady TAP FPD in my XD45.
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    I used to carry Hornady TAP 155gr in my XD40, and currently carry Hornady Critical Defense in my Kel-Tec P3AT. I have been quite impressed by both rounds, in the accuracy, feeding, and quality of the rounds. The power levels are right up there, too - I had some Hornady .357 mag 125 gr rounds that were just about the hottest rounds I've put through a gun of that caliber - rated at something like 800 ft-lb of energy.

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    Hornady TAP is in both my semi-autos. It is great stuff, feeds 100%, low flash and seems very consistant.

    I am waiting for 2 cases at the present time (one ready the other expected shortly).

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    I use it too for carry in certain guns.

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    I carry Hornady 124gr JHP/XTP or CQ in my xd9sc. works for me.
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    i also use tap 230 gr in my g30 and spring feild 1911 . all feed well and shoot better than i can hold. cost is not a problem. also use win. ranger t,230+p. love them.
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    I carry their 125gr XTP non +P in my S&W mdl 36.

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    Hornady seems as good as anything else, real good in 10mm

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