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price of ammo is really getting expensive

This is a discussion on price of ammo is really getting expensive within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; It's there. You just need to look outside the 'hood. Originally Posted by jpc I just went into the website for ATG and they advertised ...

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Thread: price of ammo is really getting expensive

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    It's there. You just need to look outside the 'hood.

    Quote Originally Posted by jpc View Post
    I just went into the website for ATG and they advertised WWB 100 pack 9mm, 115gr FMJ for $59.95. I bought the same ammo at Wal-Mart 2 weeks ago for $20.00, what is going on with the ammo situation?
    Ammo shortages.

    Check In the past two days, there have been plenty of relatively good deals on 9mm FMJ. Check:

    250rds Blazer Brass -- $31 ... or, $6.20 (per bx 50) plus shpg
    250rds Rem UMC -- $89
    250rds Rem UMC -- $80
    250rds Rem UMC -- $73
    300rds Rem UMC / Blazer Brass -- $90
    150rds Blazer Brass -- $79 free shpg
    plus about 50 cases of 1000rds, averaging ~$325 or so, some with free shpg and some charging shpg.

    At $100, that's $20 per box of 50. Beats $60. Absolutely beats not having any.

    Shpg has been, lately: ~$15/250, ~$25/500, ~$35/1000.

    First we have a shortage now we have extremely high prices to go along with it.
    That's how it works.

    Is anyone else concerned that we might be priced out of our right to own guns and defend ouselves or to enjoy our hobby?
    Yes, hobby; no, defense.

    In the short run, I think this is a temporary spike. In the long run, it'll keep going up from historical averages. No doubt about it.
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    the prices will keep going up. get ready for it.
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    I reload for all my guns except the P3AT. Before I will pay such inflated prices I will retire the gun.


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    For the first time I find myself thinking this might be something more than just supply and demand. I'm actually thinking it could be the very beginning of the end of ammo availability as I've known it in my life time. I'm worried that this will bring bring about a fundamental shift change in the ammo market. We may see ammo become more available but I think the price isn't going to come down as much as I'd hope. I think this is going to change things for some of us who like to shoot and it's going to change some folks minds about getting into guns in the first place!

    Sorry to be discouraged and cynical and I have nothing to base my impression on but it's just something in my gut about this. Even after all of my posts about supply and demand and going on about how markets correct themselves, I'm still thinking there's more to this.

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    We saw the same thing during the Clinton surge after the AWB. It will settle down.
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    My Walmart was out again, but supposedly they're getting a shipment in tonight.

    But I did stop by Dick's on the way home and they had over a dozen AE 115 gr 9mm (50ct) for $14.95/box and about 2 dozen boxes of Winchester .45 and several boxes of .40.

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