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What are the options if you can't find it at Walmart, especially if you are a new gun owner and you needed it for self defence? Looking on the recent figures, there are new owners and new permit holders as well, so I don't think most people would want to wait around with a paper weight till they see em at walmart... it's been a long time since I saw any over here (WWB 9mm 100 round value pack, cant find it, if I did I would be very fortunate.)
If you are a new gun owner and need ammo for self-defense, then you need a premium defensive round, not economy training ammo (although WWB FMJ will do if you have nothing better or live in New Jersey). You can get what you really, truly need, at gun shops, sporting goods stores, gun ranges, police supply stores, country stores, hunting supply/bait shop/game weigh-in stations, military surplus stores, discount sporting goods warehouse outlets, gun shows, and by mail order, and over the internet. Obviously, some sources will be more expensive than others, but you can get what you need, until you have more time to get what you want at a price that is more reasonable.

How much premium defensive ammo does someone really need, right this moment, for their carry gun? The answer is enough for their carry magazines/cylinders and a full reload. How likely are they to expend all of that in a self defense situation? Not likely. How many times are they likely to encounter multiple, independent self-defense situations before they can stock another box or two and begin building a reserve? Very rarely, if ever, will most people experience multiple self-defense situations in a short time, if they even have one. I'm not saying that a new gun owner should play the odds, but the reality is that we are, all of us, limited by what we can carry, and in a defensive situation, how much we have at home in reserve is irrelevant. Yes, it would be great if a new gun owner could run 250 rounds of the chosen defensive round through the carry gun, first, but in a time of shortages, that might not be feasible, and they might have to satisfy themselves that their chosen defensive round works in their carry gun by shooting a lot less than 5 50ct boxes.

Training is a different matter. A new gun owner needs lots of practice, and so, lots of economy training ammo. 100ct WWB at Wally World may not be realistic in some locations. There are alternatives, and some may require patience. Georgia Arms is delivering on a 5-7 week delay in lots up to 1000 or more rounds. I can get some economy rounds, locally, even if it isn't as much as I'd like. There was plenty at the gun show, today, and the prices, while high, weren't prohibitive. I'd rather not pay that much, and fortunately, didn't have to, but still. The bottom line is that there are a lot of alternatives, and not *everyone* is out of stock, and not *everyone* is price gouging.

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While there may or may not be some "hoarding" by committed gun owners... I believe that you guys have underestimated the many NEW gun owners who decided to buy now and picked up more than what the market expected.

And since they're new... many did not know what a "fair" price is or was.

It will settle. But do not assume that this is all the "old timers" and what worries me is with this new group... how many actually know/understand gun safety. All of this can be used by those who want to control guns.
You are covering a lot of territory in your statement. For my part, I don't think I've underestimated the impact of all the new gun owners in the market. Every month since the month before the election, somewhere between 1.2 and 1.5 million firearms have been sold in the US. There have been increased sales of firearms and ammo for over two years, leading up to this election. Of course, new gun owners are contributing to the shortage, but there are a number of other reasons. People ARE hoarding. Not maybe. Are. People ARE buying much more than they actually need or can use for years to come. People ARE buying large lots on speculation, and reselling at grossly marked up prices. Heck, ammo manufacturers are probably artificially limiting production, to some degree, in order to ride out this period of high demand as long as possible, while profits remain much higher than cost of production.

I don't know about anyone else, but I DO know a fair price for ammo, and it doesn't really matter. I need a certain amount of ammunition, at a minimum, and the best I can do is try to limit the cost as best I can under the circumstances.

Certainly, with so many new gun owners joining our ranks, there will be accidents from inexperience, but honestly, it hasn't been new, ignorant gun owners who have riveted the attention of the anti-gun crowd. It's been unstable individuals, regardless of experience, causing mass casualties. It's been specious statistics about the flow of illegal guns across the border. It's been the list of usual suspects in Congress, continuing to hammer and chisel away at our rights. Yes, the flood of novice gun owners is a cause for concern, but frankly, I'm much more worried about the next head case who decides to end it all and take a bunch of innocents out at the same time.