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.380 vs .38 special ?

This is a discussion on .380 vs .38 special ? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I shot both today. The 38 Special was thru a Ruger LCR ( 5rounds) which is a good shooter with a great sight picture. I ...

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Thread: .380 vs .38 special ?

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    I shot both today. The 38 Special was thru a Ruger LCR ( 5rounds) which is a good shooter with a great sight picture. I tried two rounds of the 38 + P thru it and it was louder, more smoke, and recoil than just the 38, but not uncomfortable. Ammo can be found. I shot my Sig 232 380 (7 rounds) after the LCR and it was more controllable and fun. It also was more accurate through this semi-auto. I have a Crossbreed holster ordered for it and have a box of Hornady ammo coming in for it which I will use when I do carry. Ammo is tougher to find.
    You are talking about a revolver VS. a semi-auto pistol. Ballistics wise, the 38 is a bigger cartridge with greater stopping power but usually resides in a revolver unless someone corrects me. It is up to the shooter for target placement for the shot, not so much the pistol. One shot in the right place beats 3 in a non-kill zone. Both will work, but when you use the 380, make sure your shot counts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pico View Post
    Get a 38 Special and use the hotter loads. Doubletap has a good load for this, and they are fairly inexpensive compared to other manufacturers. A 38 special works well, but I like the Makarovs in .380 better. They are very reliable, quick to reload, and handling is good.

    I would prefer something bigger if going with a revolver, like a .44 special. This is a much better choice and is not much larger in size than a 38 revolver.

    That is my 2 cents worth.
    Hate to make my first post on this fine forum I've been perusing for quite some time a quote of someone's reply, but do .380 rounds function properly in the 9x18mm Makarov? I've heard different opinions on this matter, and have a buddy who is looking to sell one.(It's a double stack 12 rounder, so not -quite- as slim as a single stack, but more "doable" in a CCW situation than my XD45 5"...at least that's my opinion)

    My other handgun is an XD45 Tactical 5" barrel. After reading some of the stories I've seen here, I feel compelled to get my CCW. Not being a big guy (bout 5'10, 150) I don't feel like my full size XD is a carry option. The Makarov on the other hand could be. It would also be a firearm to take the CCW course with. I hope this doesn't constitute as a thread hijack as that is not my intention, just a simple question.

    And also, greetings from South Carolina!
    Gleaned a lot of information from this site before even posting here.

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    I am a big fan of the .380. It gets a lot of criticism for being "small", but if that it what you have and you can comfortably carry, then by all means carry away!

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    I have a Ruger LCP that I carry mostly as a bug. I have become most comfortable with an S&W model 649 357 simply because it seems easier to conceal than my 45's and other weapons. I do not carry any semi-auto with one chambered. I practice racking when pulling and have no issues. Everyone has their way of doing things and that is what works for me and I don't want to hear any crap or be berated because this is my choice. (Yes I am a little touchy because of another forum) However, with the wheel gun, this is a non-issue. If your 38 handles the +P loads then I would use that set up as it carries more energy. Remember, either gun is better than no gun.


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