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This is a discussion on .45 auto carry ammo within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Freakdaddy At this point in the ammo treasure hunt, grab whatever hollow-points you can find and be thankful you found them. That ...

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Thread: .45 auto carry ammo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freakdaddy View Post
    At this point in the ammo treasure hunt, grab whatever hollow-points you can find and be thankful you found them.
    That was the first thing I thought of myself, if it is hollow-point and it goes bang in your pistol then carry it.
    at least until we get some more ammo being stocked to choose from.

    I'm stocked on hollow-point (Golden Saber 230 gr for my colt Officers and HST 230 gr for my HK USP-CT) I just need to get target practice ammo
    so I can go out to the range at least once this summer
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    I have used ammo over 40 years old. All fired as if new.
    I don't think factory ammo gets too old in 40-50 years and longer if stored reasonably well.
    How old is your ammo, and as has been asked, why do you think it is too old?

    Unless you are chambering a round several times the ST will be good to go. If you have a lot, I suspect someone who is short of ammo would like to have it.

    I am carrying Fed HST, and Win Ranger T both 230 gr not +P. However, I think any HP made by any of the good ammo makers would be OK. The problem now is finding anything.


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    Quote Originally Posted by deviceman View Post
    Bingo! Gold Dot, HST, Talon, Golden Saber, DPX.....all are excellent rounds. Buy w/e you can find and see if it feeds reliably in your weapon.

    I no longer carry my 45. Kind of heavy if you know what I mean..

    But when I did I used hardball.
    The way I see it is all the other calibers need hallow points so they can expand to 45 caliber.

    But honestly, device man said it right. All of them these days are good, it’s more important to see which one your gun likes best.

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    I agree with those That say to use any well manufactured, proven hollowpoint from a reputable manufacturer.

    The question then becomes, what can you find enough of to test/Carry? I like to run 200 Rounds through my gun without a malfunction before I trust it, and then load/carry the last box of fifty for the next year.

    I love Corbon but can't find enough of it locally to test my gun. Therefore I carry Federal HST.


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    I mainly use Golden Sabers in my S&W 1911. They seem to be the most accurate defense round out of my gun. I tried hornady, federal and speer. However speer seems to be more accurate in my .357 SP 101.

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    +1 on the Golden Sabers only cuz i found them cheap. Went back to buy more and they literally went up 20.00 bucks a box in less than a week!
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    HARDBALL. It works every time.


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    Quote Originally Posted by gold40 View Post
    HARDBALL. It works every time.
    Nothing out of a pistol works every time. Hell, shotgun slugs don't work every time!

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    My G36 is stoked with HSTs but I do have a couple of boxes of WWB 230gr JHP for back up. I don't feel undergunned with any of the well know ammo companies products.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wpk View Post
    Check out the Federal HST for carry ammo. Feeds great in my kimber (and in my kahr for 9mm) and the ballistics are darned impressive. There are numerous threads, some with pictures, about this ammo.
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    They say the third time is a charm, so again, please define TOO OLD to carry. Any length barrel, but much better for a short barrel, Federal Hydra-Shok 165 gr. at 1140 fps. is hard to beat.

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    I use Federal Expanding Point Full Metal Jacket ammo for defensive rounds. They feed like hardball, but have great expansion.

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    I prefer the 230gr Gold Dots, but with ammo avail these days I wouldn't be worried with WWB 230gr JHP. I can't remember where I saw the test, but they did quite well. Once I finish my last 35 rnds of my GD's I'll start carrying the WWB (of which I have plenty) for carry until prices come back in line.
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    Double tap ammo is also a great choice

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    Too Old to carry...I usually buy 2000 rounds and it stays my primary carry ammunition for 3 years and I cycle my carry ammunition every month and that ammunition is used at the range at the end of a practice session.

    I also do a quality check at the end of every year by firing several 10 shot strings over chronographs to ensure no deterioration has happened as well as an accuracy evaluation.

    So by the end of 3 years I have cycled thru 1440 rounds and the remaining rounds become practice ammunition or in the event I cannot or have to wait for to pick up my next lot of ammunition, it remains my current carry load.

    So, for me 3 yrs is kind of the limit of what I consider Too Old to Carry, if I didn't have proper climate controlled storage and a testing regime, then I would say 2 years.

    That's my criteria of Too Old to Carry.

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