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Would you change to new ammo?

This is a discussion on Would you change to new ammo? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I would shoot it as long as it was accurate and would feed properly....

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Thread: Would you change to new ammo?

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    I would shoot it as long as it was accurate and would feed properly.

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    Two things I found after my wet newspaper test this weekend:

    1) Tried out the Critical Defense .380 ACP this weekend and EVERY bullet expanded PERFECTLY the SAME way EVERY time. I was very impressed.

    2) tested the new Winchester Bonded PDX1 in 9mm 124gr +P this weekend, and am considering making this my new ammo. I currently carry Speer GD 9mm 124gr +P. But the Winchester PDX1 expanded to the same size as the 40 cal Hornady TAP!! And the PDX1 had some NASTY talons
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    I like Hornady ammo. I use Hornady 124gr JPH/XTP and/or CQ. works for me. Just bought a box of Speer Gold Dot 124gr JHP LE. Haven seen the Critical Defense on the shelves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnsonabq View Post
    This thread begs for the mention of testing for reliability. It's hard to just buy a box and start carrying it. You need 100,150, 200 rounds through your gun to make sure it will function. Couple that with the need to have 2, 3, or more tested brands at your disposal in the hopes that the store will have one of them; this gets expensive.
    For a semi-auto you are correct, but I carry a revolver, so five or six shots is enough "testing" for me. Though I usually would shoot at least 25. No more than 50 for testing. As long as they hit where I aim and go bang, and don't come apart in the cylinder under recoil, they're good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ICTsnub View Post
    Forget guaranteed to expand, how about guaranteed to be on the shelf?
    Ain't that the truth..

    Of course there is plenty here on this side of the ocean

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    I found some awhile back at a store around 30 miles away at the good price of 18bucks for 25rds in 9mm. I bought all he had. test fired a couple boxes and have been using it for my SD ammo ever since then. It's great ammo IMO. I trust it with me and my familes lives.
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    Thumbs up Hornady CD ammo

    Yes, I have shot ( expensive ) and carry the Hornady Critical Defense ammo in both .380 ( 90grain ) and 9mm (115grain ).

    Picked up four boxes of both calibers at the last gun show...$25 per box of 25...$1.00 a pop ! Guy didn't charge me PA state tax

    Liked what I've seen and heard so far...but had to add it to my inventory anyway as I 'collect' exotic self defense ammo like Black Talon, Mag-Safe, Glaser, Starfire, Gold Dot, Hydrashok, Golden Sabre, Cor-Bon, etc.

    I hope they make it in my favorite caliber...45acp.

    BTW...like somebody already said: "There ain't no magic bullet"
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    I really think all the "new developments" in defensive ammunition are mostly hype. The two main factors in the effective stopping of an assault are shot placement and adequate penetration. Everything else is gravy. I seriously doubt that one could tell a significant difference between a CNS hit with Speer Gold Dot and a CNS hit with Hornady Critical Defense. Likewise, I doubt that Critical Defense would make a difference over Gold Dot in the event of a hit to a less vital area.

    I tend to favor Gold Dot and Winchester Ranger T because they are available in 50 round boxes at the police supply store. However, I'd feel equally well armed with any decent JHP/SJHP. In fact, in the higher energy/higher velocity cartridges like .357 Magnum I prefer standard SJHPs.

    If the choice is carrying WWB JHP that you can afford a 200 round function check with (in an auto) or carrying a high dollar JHP that you can't afford a 200 round function check for, carry WWB. If you have money to burn, do whatever you please.

    I don't see any valid reason to switch from one premium hollowpoint to another other than the current ammunition no longer being available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CRags99 View Post
    As long as it goes bang when I pull the trigger I'd use it.
    Bingo! Its gotta cycle too but I have had anothing my guns wont eat.

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    I use the CD in .380 for my wife's LCP, alternating with FMJ-flat points - since the testing I've seen indicates the CD in .380 doesn't quite meet the FBI minimum of 12 inches penetration (not many .380 JHPs do).

    I wish the CD 9mm was 124 gr and +P, instead of being standard pressure and 115 gr. For 9mm, I use Federal EFMJ 124 gr +P - no hollow cavity to get plugged, wrapped, or crushed.

    Of course, if I couldn't get EFMJ, I would feel fine with the CD in 9mm.

    I used to use PowRBall, but switched away since every test I've seen shows those bullets shedding their jackets, and the round is too light weight (only 100 gr in 9mm).

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