hornady critical defense ammo

This is a discussion on hornady critical defense ammo within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; hello everyone, i'm wondering what your opinions are on hornady's critical defense load.anyone carry this round? hornady claims it has perfect expansion and penetration even ...

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Thread: hornady critical defense ammo

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    hornady critical defense ammo

    hello everyone, i'm wondering what your opinions are on hornady's critical defense load.anyone carry this round? hornady claims it has perfect expansion and penetration even through clothing from a 380?
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    I carry it in 9mm and I love it. It feeds great through both my carry weapons and shoots straight. It's all I use for self defense and I can get it in 9mm for 18 bucks for 25 rds!
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    It's too bad they have no plans (as per a company spokesman) to produce it in .40 S&W.


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    Here's another thread you might find helpful.

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    I have a friend with it for his Keltec P3AT, he likes it.

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    Thumbs up Critical Defense ammo

    Yes, I have shot ( expensive ) and carry the Hornady Critical Defense ammo in both .380 ( 90grain ) and 9mm (115grain ).

    Picked up four boxes of both calibers at the last gun show...$25 per box of 25...$1.00 a pop ! Guy didn't charge me PA state tax

    Liked what I've seen and heard so far...but had to add it to my inventory anyway as I 'collect' exotic self defense ammo like Black Talon, Mag-Safe, Glaser, Starfire, Gold Dot, Hydrashok, Golden Sabre, Cor-Bon, etc.

    I hope they make it in my favorite caliber...45acp.
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    I use it with my wife's LCP - we alternate the Critical Defense with some FMJ flat-points. The CD in .380 gets about 10 inches penetration, so it does not quite meet the FBI minimum - hence the mix with FMJ-FP.

    I would use it in 9mm if it came in a 124 gr +P. I carry Federal EFMJ 124 gr +P in my Glock 19 and 26. I like the non-JHP expanding bullets, since there is no hollow cavity to get plugged or wrapped by clothing fibers, or crushed by barriers.

    I don't use PowRBall anymore - most of the testing I've seem shows that the jacket and core separate consistently, and the bullets are too light (only 100gr in 9mm) for caliber.


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    I could only find it in 9mm and feed it thru the PF-9. It is accurate and on target and no issues to feed and shoot. I picked up two more boxes last night. I am looking for it in .380.

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    I use it my Ruger LCP....so far so good
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    The folks with Seecamps say that it may not feed reliably at times. I bought a bunch earlier but never fired a round since I'm still waiting on my LWS380. After reading the Seecamp reports, I sold it all on Gunbroker. Looks like bitchin' ammo for other .380s though.

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