I have a RIA .45 that I've had since March and have had few problems with it. Out of maybe 300 rounds I probably had a 2-3 FTF or FTE with various rounds. WEll today my wife and I went shooting and I was using these rounds that I bought sometime in March. The rounds are the Winchester WinCLEAN 230 grain BEB rounds. First what does BEB mean? Second I had about 10 rounds that were a FTE, one stove pipe, and several FTF's.

I changed rounds and went to Blazer brass 230 grain fmj and had only one FTF. I know that the rounds from the Winchester was suspect, but I am wondering what could be going on. I field stripped the .45 and everything looked ok...cleaned the heck out of the gun and put it back together.

Does anyone know what the winchester rounds are about.