.223 CorBon DPX.......

.223 CorBon DPX.......

This is a discussion on .223 CorBon DPX....... within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I recently bought an AR-15. I am looking for the best personal defense rounds. I bought 60 rounds of Hornady TAP FPD in 60gr, as ...

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Thread: .223 CorBon DPX.......

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    .223 CorBon DPX.......

    I recently bought an AR-15. I am looking for the best personal defense rounds. I bought 60 rounds of Hornady TAP FPD in 60gr, as I was told this was one of the best choices on the market. I shot the TAP into some wet newspaper that had been soaking 24 hours (this is how I always do my expansion tests). It pretty much just looked like a metal jacket turned inside out, there was no real substance to it. I understand its more about the transfer of energy, but I was expecting a little more bullet.

    My questions is, has anyone used the CorBon DPX 62gr rounds in there AR-15? They use the Barnes TSX (expander) bullet which seems to hold it's shape and expand in the front half. I read a lot that these type of bullets are to be hand loaded only ( my guess is that that means "one at a time"?) But I haven't read anywhere about the CorBon's needing to be treated that way. I am really just looking for more bullet, those TAP's seem to be a "dissappearing" round. I'm sure that also helps keep the round from passing through though.....so I guess it's give or take.

    Thanks for weighing in ladies and gents.
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    There is a ton of info and real world hunter reviews on the Barnes TSX ('Triple Shock') bullet as is used in the Corbon DPX rifle round product line.
    Run a Google search as it should come up pretty easily.

    Bottom line the Barnes TSX/Corbon DPX rifle round is very well known amongst hunters as being not exactly pretty close to finger of God type results...if the shooter does his part and does not hit a nose, tail, or toe.
    Very many large deer, bear, and hogs have been reported as taken by a single shot and of that a good amount with literal DRT results.

    The Barnes/Corbon handgun/pistol round came to be existent secondary and after the rifle round was developed and deployed to startling results.
    The DPX in pistol is well known for its capabilities while the rifle variant in bullet design is similar, though not exact, and is made from full copper to retain maximal weight and not fragment into multiple pieces as does more conventional .223/5.56 ammunition including as you experienced with TAP.

    'Premium Bullet Shootout'

    Premium Bullet Shootout

    Additional reading; Shooting Illustrated - Premium Picks for Hunting

    The bottom line - Do not expect Corbon DPX to function in result same as more conventional manufacture .223 ammo does.
    Do expect though that if you do your part that what ever you hit with it will suffer tremendous energy transfer as related to stopping power. But it is very likely the round will fully penetrate that target too.
    Which is quite common with other .223/5.56 rounds as well and to that end brings to mind the question of is .223/5.56 an appropriate and wise choice as related to HD?
    IMHO no it is not for just this real world reason, but that is up to you and your own analysis.

    - Janq
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    to me the .223 is all about the frag.

    if it dont frag forget it!

    im not talking about hunting rounds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stoprilshoot View Post
    to me the .223 is all about the frag. if it dont frag forget it!...im not talking about hunting rounds.

    Unless you are going for penetration.
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