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Walmart bashing again!

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Thread: Walmart bashing again!

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    Time for the clerk to retire. Attitude like that, no good for no-body

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    Quote Originally Posted by bauptown View Post
    Time for the clerk to retire. Attitude like that, no good for no-body
    Well, here's one for you.............know more than they think you know. I know that sounds confusing, but here's what I did on my trip to Wally World for some 40 Blazer Brass just an hour ago. Asked for two boxes of the 40S&W and the younger of the two clerks placed it on the counter and asked me if that would be all. I said I wasn't done shopping and I'd take the ammo with me and pay for it up front (just like I do at three other WM's in my area). Well..says the'll have to pay for that here, and so...with a wave of my hand (my policy of 'up yours'), walked off towards automotive for my octane booster. Wheels turning inside my head as usual...especially when I feel I've been dominated by twerps....I call the store operator from my cell phone and ask for the manager. Well, she says the store manager is not in today but the co-manager is......I say that will do just fine. So...the store manager gets on the phone and says hello...this is Brian, can I help you? I say.....could you tell me your store's policy on ammo sales? With a quick two second pause he comes back and says.....we cannot take any returns on ammo. I that your only policy on ammo sales? He says...what do you mean? So I lay it out, and tell him my experience with the guy in Sporting Goods and the buy here-pay here policy dictated to me with no notices or signs to back it up. I told him I wanted to pay up front. Then he says....well, the store associate in that department can carry the ammo up front to the register, and I say fine......tell them to take the two boxes of ammo I wanted to register #18 and I'll pick it up on the way out, and thank you. No twerp gets the best of me through an un-posted policy, so I got the satisfaction that the clerk had to walk my two boxes of ammo up to the front register all the while worrying that the counter he was holding up when I asked for the ammo was going to fall over while he was gone. Overall, I have no complaints about the trip to Wally World and the ammo policy mele. To me it's just the usual game, and you either play along and make the next move, or your time runs out and you forfeit what could have been a checkmate. Makes life interesting in a way. Next time that same clerk is there when I want ammo, I'll tell him what to do, and he can walk it up front like a good associate, or I'll call the manager's office again until he gets the idea. Then the next time after that, he'll be asking me if I'd like for him to take it up front, or would I like to pay for that here at the sporting goods counter. Our place in life is all relative. Play the game, know the rules, be creative, and most of all.....have fun doing it.

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